Did you watch Google Marketing Live today?

Google Marketing Live

Google Marketing LiveGoogle Marketing Live is an annual event where Google showcases its latest ads product innovations and insights. The 2023 edition of the event was held on May 23 and focused on generative AI, a technology that can create customized product imagery, improve ad relevance, scale campaigns, and better manage creative assets.

Some of the new generative AI features announced at the event include:

  • Performance Max, a campaign type that uses generative AI to optimize ad performance across Google’s inventory, including YouTube, Discover, Gmail, and Display Network.
  • Product Studio, a tool that uses generative AI to create realistic and diverse product images based on user preferences and feedback.
  • Creative Studio, a tool that uses generative AI to generate ad copy, headlines, descriptions, and calls to action based on the advertiser’s goals and audience.
  • Insights Page, a dashboard that uses generative AI to provide actionable insights and recommendations based on the advertiser’s data and industry trends.

The event also featured keynotes and sessions from Google executives and industry experts, covering topics such as commerce, customer experience, transformation, automation, measurement, and privacy. The event was livestreamed online and is available on-demand.

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