Grammar: The 13 Million Dollar Comma

Is your website grammar free?

Is your website grammar free?Every time I survey people about what makes a website suck, grammar always comes up in the top 10.  Typically approximately 50% of the people say that they would not deal with a company if they spotted GRAMMAR ERRORS on their website. Would YOU?

Whether you would or would not, one thing is very clear. It sure is clear that grammar is not only important in business, it could hurt your pocket book as Oakhurst Dairy would no doubt tell you…

Portland-based company Oakhurst Dairy will potentially owe $US 10 million ($13 million) to 75 milk-truck drivers in the US state of Maine because of a missing comma in a legal clause.

I recommend everyone use a professional editor — after all, professional writers all do, and if that’s not an option, to use other protection e.g. asking a friend or Grammarly, the software I use. I just love it and am blown away by how many grammar errors it found when I first started using it.

How do you ensure the copy you’re putting out is grammar free?  Please share your tips and tricks below in the comments.