How do I add a video to my LinkedIn profile picture?

10 easy steps to enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn with a mini-introduction video.

LinkedIn logo
  1. Open LinkedIn Mobile
  2. Click your photo
  3. Click ‘View Profile’
  4. Click ‘+’
  5. Click ‘Add profile video’
  6. Click ‘record’ button
  7. Click ‘record’ or upload your video
  8. Select visibility
  9. Add stickers and text (optional) or next
  10. Click ‘share to profile’

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I do this from my computer?
    At the time this post was written, this only works from LinkedIn app
  • Who can see my video?
    Either All LinkedIn Members  (default) or Your Connections only
  • How will visitors know my LinkedIn profile video is there?
    Visitors to your profile will see a short 3-second muted preview, before reverting to your profile photo and a ring will appear around your photo as well.
  • Will my network be notified I uploaded a video?
    Yes, unless you have turned off notifications about profile changes, adding a profile video will generate an in-app notification for your network.
  • How will visitors see my video?
    Visitors who tap on your profile will see your full video with sound.
  • How long can the LinkedIn profile video be?
    The video can be 3-30 seconds long
  • How do I find out more?
    LinkedIn is always the best place to get the latest