How much does hosting cost?

website hosting

website hostingThere are 1000s of hosting providers in the market place today that would be happy to provide you with a quote and recommendations, however to before you start shopping for price, it pays to consider and answer the following three questions:

  1. SUPPORT & FLEXIBILITY — Does your team include someone technical enough to make this decision and manage the hosting service or do you need to align yourself with a company that can provide responsive support and various levels of IT management?
  2. WEBSITE — Do you have/plan for a website and if so, what are those requirements e.g. Do you need content management software (CMS) like WordPress, PHP, databases, Windows applications?  How busy visitors do you anticipate? Do you expect spike in web traffic volume e.g. when a brand gets advertised on radio, there tends to be spikes.
  3. EMAIL REQUIREMENTS — Branded email addresses e.g. is one of the most powerful marketing tools you will ever use and an essential service for all brands today. How many email addresses do you need?  Do you require pop, imap or webmail?  Does the provider support for email setup and troubleshooting?  How does that work?
  4. SERVER LOCATION & PRIVACY — The location of server

Consider not only your immediate needs but also your future needs as hosting contracts are typically one year long, and migrating (changing to another hosting company) is time consuming and if not properly managed can lead to your website being down and email bouncing or worse yet lost forever.