How to Turbocharge Your Sales: An Essential Guide for Business Owners

Sales Mastery

Regardless of how innovative, ingenious, or remarkable your product or service is, they don’t typically sell themselves, so sales is a crucial business function for all businesses. As such, business owners need to understand the nuances of sales and marketing in order to create a viable, documented sales system that’s easy to manage, before delegating to a sales director or a sales team.

Sales MasteryAlong with the basic tenets:

  • Knowing and actively listening to your ideal prospect
  • Offering solutions to existing problems
  • Focusing on benefits, not features
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Ensuring your brand experience is a pleasant one
  • Under promising and over delivering
  • Keeping in touch with your customers

Aside from early adopters, most people need social proof like testimonials or a free trial to buy from you so it’s important to ensure these are highlighted in your sales materials.

You will need to perfect your pitch, and a well-optimized pitch deck that highlights the problem your solution solves and significantly enhances your chances of closing the sale, and an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to sell effectively, manage performance and identify opportunities.

Another key ingredient is your Sales Funnel — an essential marketing and sales strategy that incorporates various steps to attract, build rapport, provide value, and entice your target audience to ultimately like and buy from your brand — the start of the funnel, while simultaneously building rapport, trust, authority, value, and nurturing the relationship, leading clients to ultimately like and buy from your brand.

The diverse experience Sue Sutcliffe has gained as one of Canada’s digital marketing pioneers, will help your business or brand dominate the digital.
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