How to use ChatGPT

Santrel Media’s Complete ChatGPT Tutorial – [Become A Power User in 30 Minutes]


How to use ChatGTP in 2 easy steps


  1. Go to
  2. Start a conversation with ChatGPT by entering a prompt in the box provided, and hitting send
  3. ChatGTP will answer you

You can also download Open Chat app as a substitute to Chat GPT app.
There are many options, so choose wisely.

Important notes & tips:

  1. ChatGPT has limited knowledge after 2021
  2. ChatGPT was trained by humans, so the information it provides you with may be biased and incorrect.
  3. Keep ChatGPT conversations separate
  4. Better prompts create smarter answers

ChatGPT Tutorial: How to Use Chat GPT For Beginners 2023

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