Infomercial aka Elevator Speech

What is your 60-second infomercial

🤑 Frustrated with the lack of engagement and results your website, social media and online events are getting?

🤑 Tired of Zoom Calls?

🤑 Disappointed with the numbers of leads and sales your current digital marketing strategies delivers?

My name is Sue Sutcliffe and I’ve been making digital marketing profitable since 1995.

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Let’s make your websites, social media
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How many of you here have a website?

How about social media spaces like Facebook and LinkedIn?

Are these websites optimized for maximum exposure & conversion?


Hi, my name is Sue Sutcliffe.

I’m a digital marketing coach and trainer who’s been making digital marketing profitable since 1995.

I also host fun & friendly online events for entrepreneurs & business owners who want to grow their business.


Want to learn how my 25 years of diverse experience can help your business grow?

Give me a call. The first one is free.

#TheWebCoach #Since1993

Please grab one of my cards on display and let’s talk!