Social Media Circles

Sue, Contents below as well as in doc. – Louise BE A SOCIAL SUCCESS! Social Media is a powerful marketing technique that is empowering! It?s more than Facebook and Twitter, it?s a presence that can be seen, heard, and read by the most important people in your business circle, your clients. No longer will you … Continue reading “Social Media Circles”


Welcome to my facebook page

Ever visit Red Bull on Facebook? A multi-coloured torrent of arrows points to their “Like Me” button. Did this welcome page work? Yup – a good 15 million times. It pays to create a good first impression with Facebook’s 500 million users. A clear and engaging welcome (or landing) page gives visitors an immediate sense … Continue reading “Welcome to my facebook page”

Domain name(s)

Why is keeping my domain name record up to date important?

Having control of your domain name is of paramount importance, because your hosting/email services could be interrupted or be impossible to setup / change. Administrative Contact The Administrative Contact is the person who has ultimate control of your domain. Their contact information, especially their email address must be kept current and working. Each Registrar has … Continue reading “Why is keeping my domain name record up to date important?”

Domain name(s)

Why does managed domain name service cost more than do-it-yourself?

MANAGED DOMAIN NAME SERVICE Our fully managed domain name service provides many benefits over our do-it-yourself service.  Our fully managed domain name service includes: Domain name registration/renewal Domain registration fees Domain name support Domain registration change e.g. ensure registration (ownership) information is correct or point your domain to a different hosting company. Use our email information, … Continue reading “Why does managed domain name service cost more than do-it-yourself?”

Domain name(s)

What is a domain extension?

Extensions are categories of Internet domain names. There are several of them to choose from: .com represents the word “commercial,” and is the most widely used extension in the world. Most businesses prefer a .com domain name because it is a highly recognized symbol for having a business presence on the Internet. .net represents the … Continue reading “What is a domain extension?”