My takeaways from Leadercast #TheBraveOnes #Leadercast2015

In addition to local talent; Dan Carter, Noel Coppins and Cate Collins, Leadercast2015 in Oshawa featured eleven fabulous speakers who shared their views on bravery and leading with a posture of unrelenting boldness.

leadercast2015 speakers

Tons of takeaways were tweeted using hashtags #Leadercast2015 #TheBraveOnes and #Leadercast, a downloadable app, and tons of social media goodies including one special quote for each speaker on the Leadercast Instagram and Facebook spaces.

Here are my favourite takeaways:

BILL RANCIC & GIULIANA RANCIC, Award-winning personalities and co-hosts of Leadercast

  • Keep your word, honour, committments, and they will double back to honour you.

ANDY STANLEY, Leadership Communicator & Author

  • Uncertainty is not an indication of poor leadership; it underscores the need for leadership.


  • Be bold, Be real, Believe. Read more on his linkedin post.
  • Focus on your strengths and do what your competition can’t or won’t do
  • Don’t obsess over the competition. Obsess over the white space they haven’t covered yet!
  • Trust is the ultimate human currency.

CMDR RORKE DENVER, Navy Seal Commander & Author

  • Advance on fear. Lean into the pain.
  • Definition of ‘harmonic gate’

MALALA YOUSAFZAI, Novel Laureate and Founder of the Malala Fund

  1. When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.
  2. We have to step forward.
  3. Always believe in a happy ending — like in movies.
  4. Bravery has no limits.

PEYTON MANNING, Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback & 5-Time NFL NVP

  1. Learn to thrive on being uncomfortable.
  2. Devote yourself to intense preparation.
  3. Invest in a coach.
  4. Find a way to install trust in others.
  5. Bravely adjust to new realities.
  6. Become a master observer.
  7. Understand the sustaining power of influence.

SETH GODIN, Innovative Thinker. Best selling author

  • Treat everyone like the the last one.
  • Bravery is not for other people anymore. Bravery is for us
  • 5 Keys to Bravery; tension, obsession, connection, direction & compassion

ED CATMULL, President of Pixar & Disney Animated Studios

  • Zero dumb ideas is a bad way to start.
  • Be patient. Be authentic. And be consisten. The trust will come.
  • To be successful, you must be brave enough to start something new.
  • 3 Steps: Try something new. Fix.what’s not working. Lock and load.
  • The ‘we’ is smarter than the ‘I’
  • 4 Braintrust principals; peer-to-peer, shared ownership in success, remove power structure, give & listen to honest notes

AJA BROWN, Mayor of Compton

  • Leaders don’t make excuses, they lead.
  • Step into the things that seem impossible.
  • Elevate your expectations and vision.
  • It’s the person who is obsessed who creates something remarkable. Be too obsessed with what you’re doing to compromise.
  • Leaders have learned to deminish fear of failure
  • Be brave enough to believe in a different future

RUDY GIULIANI, 107th Mayor of New York City (1993-2001)

  • Leadership is not about you. It’s about everyone that works for you.
  • Let fear motivate you.Put it in the right place. Prepare and take the fear out of it.
  • You need strong beliefs and you need to stick to them.
  • Be an optimist. Be a problem solver. Every problem can be less severe

Many thanks to the wonderful sponsors and volunteers for leading and making this special day possible!

leadercast 2015 volunteers
Save the Date!

Next year’s Leadercast is Friday, May 6, 2016. See you there?