LEADERSHIP: What does leadership mean to you?

What does leadership mean to you?

This quote came to mind on a Dan Taylor Clubhouse Chat about What Leadership Means…

“Do not wait for leaders.  Do it alone, person to person.”

Mother Teresa

I have developed a collaborative leadership style, but it wasn’t always that way. When I was younger I was not comfortable sticking my head out, leadership was scary and I made tons of mistakes. I distinctly remember onboarding two office managers who failed miserably, before asking my boss Gerry Griffin “Why not me? Why didn’t you ask me to be office manager?” He reminded me of words I’d uttered to the effect that “I wouldn’t take that job for a million dollars”. We laughed, he hired me, and a leader was born. Thank you Gerry!

I believe none of us are equal until all of us are equal and am presently working on improving my leadership and retooling systems with diversity, inclusion, and equity top of mind. Systems our children will be proud to tell their children about and that truly is collaborative and sustainable so everyone wins.

What’s your leadership style?