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Durham Business TimesThey say the early bird gets the worm; that early adopters get the business.  Here’s a way to give your business a marketing edge on LinkedIn.

What’s News?

The world’s biggest business network recently rolled out exciting features and tools that can strengthen the impact of your LinkedIn presence and better integrate it with your other marketing strategies.

One of the most powerful — and underutilized — tools is your company profile which provides you with exposure to greater than 85 million LinkedIn users worldwide.  Businesses have the ability to set up their company pages, making it easy for their connections to get to know them better.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Get the news out

In addition to information about the size of your company, its location, specialties and contact information, you can make your company profile a handy hub that imports and displays the latest news from your blog or website.  Tell visitors about your products, services, job opportunities and calls to action.  Include video for a social media punch.  Company pages can even add up to three large (640 x 220 pixels) banner images — each with its own link — to add visual interest, promote specials, offers, events, services and attract guests to your other social media spaces.

Similar to your personal profile on LinkedIn, company pages should be optimized to include keywords people might use to search for a company offering your product or service.

LinkedIn provides easy to install buttons that allow you to better integrate LinkedIn with your website and blog.  For example, you can get a button that guests can click on to “Follow” your company on LinkedIn.  Recently, another button  was added that invites guests to add “Recommendations” to your LinkedIn company page right form your website or blog.

Who’s tending the store?

New administration controls allow company page managers to give editing rights to every employee, or to provide it only to a select few.  It’s recommended that one person — generally the social media coordinator — should oversee monitoring, reporting and adjusting this marketing strategy monthly.

Vital statistics

Wondering how to track how your hard work is paying off?  Easy-to-use analytics reports, now available from your company page’s analytics tab, will show you who is visiting your company profile, who’s clicking on your banners, what they’re looking at the most, and from what industry they come.  You can even compare yourself against similar companies to benchmark your performance.

With all these great features — and more coming all the time — the time to act is now.  Get connected and see where LinkedIn can take you.

The diverse experience Sue Sutcliffe has gained as one of Canada’s digital marketing pioneers, will help your business or brand dominate the digital.
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