LinkedIn’s New One-Click Networking Tool

Ready for a one-click solution that will punch up your profile and build your network?

LinkedIn’s new “Endorsements” upgrades allow users to vouch for their connections’ specific skills with a single click.

This feature is a great way to show some love to our brightest colleagues and favourite contractors. Worked with a great social media pro? Endorse them for Internet marketing. Just moved into a beautiful new home? Endorse your agent for realty. Making it clear that you value your coworkers will make you a repeat partner, and make new connections more willing to forge relationships.

LinkedIn Endorsements chart for Sue Sutcliffe

You can also solicit endorsements from happy colleagues and customers. Unlike “Recommendations” – which call for a written review – “Endorsements” only take a single click, making it far more likely your clients will take the time to refer you.

Add as many skillsets as you’d like. Decide whether you’d prefer to specialize in only a few skills, cultivating a high concentration of endorsements, or whether you’d like to display a broad array of specialties, showcasing your versatility.

Log in to LinkedIn today to show your appreciation for your fave partners. Don’t forget to update your own profile while you’re there!