Sue Sutcliffe: Making digital marketing profitable since 1995.

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Sue Sutcliffe: Marketing Maven
Making digital marketing profitable since 1995.

Cutting her teeth in traditional marketing thirty-five years ago, Sue Sutcliffe was one of the first to recognize how lucrative digital marketing can be.


Determined to enhance the relationship-building aspects of the Internet, she delved into the world of code, website building, search engine optimization and social media long before anyone had even heard about Facebook or Twitter.


This launched her twenty-five year career as ‘The Web Coach‘ and the Marketing Maven. Honoured by these monikers, Sue is happy that her scorecard of firsts – and her focus on all-things-digital – has added her actual name to the shortlist of experts called by CEO’s when they want to monetize the Internet.


How has she made it onto that coveted hotlist? She has quantifiable success in working with business owners and sales teams to increase sales, grow engaged customer bases and improve cash flow.


As a pioneer in her industry and a leader in the business community, Sue is also sought-after digital marketing trainer whose witty, passionate and down-to-earth manner has propelled thousands of marketers, salespeople and business owners to embrace their online power, grow their networks, and drive leads.



  • One of the first 10 website designers in Canada.
  • The first to create a certified secure and safe online shopping mall in Canada.
  • A front-runner who created the Ontario college curriculum that trained many of today’s top marketing and advertising executives.
  • Advocated for safe Internet use and worked to advance Canada’s digital landscape.
  • When companies were incurring costs from their Internet strategies, Sue was spurring businesses forward with profitable digital marketing campaigns, online stores, and community building campaigns.
  • Spoken at hundreds of conferences here at home and internationally. At each event, she reinforced proven digital marketing and social media practices to drive business owners and executives to use the Internet to generate sales and improve cash flow.
  • Website Design Awards from Yahoo!, Netscape, Web Side Story & more

Sue Sutcliffe's technology journey

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Sue is a "Must Have" individual on your team of support. When every other company is trying to be more creative than the other Sue will bust through the "sameness" problem and give you the edge that awes clients and the competition and lifts your salesforce to new heights.

Roy St. John   

2005-2016 | A WEB THAT WORKS

Developed and managed a talented team of 30+ digital marketing professionals for this this one-stop digital marketing shop which thrived due to leads I generated and repeat business and referrals.

✔ Prospected for B2B and B2C clients
✔ On-boarded more than 2,000 businesses across 75% of business sectors
✔ Managed daily operations and planned the use of materials and human resources
✔ Worked with various stakeholders to uncover requirements and create digital marketing plans
✔ Oversaw creation, development and maximization of 1000+ marketing and advertising initiatives and won numerous awards
✔ Quality tested to ensure websites were optimized and accessible (AODA), responsive, mobile-friendly, fast-loading, etc.
✔ Researched, purchased and implemented major technology requirements
✔ Organized and managed all aspects of high-impact training experiences
✔ Developed customer loyalty and referral programs

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April Tsui

I had the pleasure of working with Sue to launch Durham Region's first social media pilot project. Creative, enthusiastic and dedicated, Sue is a true expert in her field. We would not have been able to take the leap into Web 2.0 without Sue's expertise.

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Louise Thibert

Sue brings years of experience to the table and is able to use that experience and knowledge to bolster your company's presence. Sue built the company's first website many years ago, maintained it, promoted it, sold us! She is probably one of the most dedicated people I know that works hard to deliver on her promises.


Counselled 1000s of clients on the power of technology (websites, e-marketing, and social media) and the most strategic way for them to leverage current internet technologies.

✔ Created, executed and managed winning digital marketing strategies
✔ Worked with stakeholders and website talent to custom design of thousands of websites, intranets, extranets & channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
✔ Increased operational efficiencies for clients through the design and implementation of custom web/database infrastructures to achieve/track marketing objectives
✔ Created content, from planning to writing and editing web content to graphic design, publishing and measuring results
✔ Prioritized & co-ordinated multiple projects, stakeholders, timelines, and budgets
✔ Conducted research, analysis, and marketing planning to brand development, design and growth hacking
✔ Developed strong long-term relationships & effective partnerships
✔ Managed all aspects of stakeholder training experiences to achieve long-term results
✔ Created community through the development of networking events and socials.
✔ Delivered a client-centred focus on sales and project fulfilment.
✔ Problem solved drawing from hands-on knowledge of technology.
✔ Collaborated with teams, manages clients, worked independently, reported to multiple project heads, and took initiatives in appropriate manners.

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Heather DelRosario

If you are looking for a professional who knows website and social media marketing strategy, then look no further. Sue's accomplishments speak for themselves. She has been a pioneer in this space and will help you get the results you need.

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Scott Weatherall

Sue's business acumen is matched only by her charm and wit. She is an exceptional web designer/strategist with a dynamic knowledge base and an ability to deliver to her clients. Her knowledge of the internet and her personal experiences are invaluable to any organization aiming to do more with their websites.


Responsible for the design and implementation of three corporate brands, website, intranet and all marketing materials and led advisory committee focus group.

✔ Led a project team in the development of a corporate website, making Family Realty the first Canadian realtor to leverage the Internet
✔ Developed a multimedia listing presentation tool called “NETmore” which provided agents with a state-of-the-art marketing tool, increased the company’s listing inventory, and recruited one new broker and hundreds of new agents
✔ Managed the “Marketing Advisory Committee,” a focus group designed to provide/nourish grass-roots communication and connections
✔ Created “The Marketing Book” and set a standard for quality and simplified the order process for end users
✔ Reduced expenses (inventory, overhead, rent, van, driver, staffing, etc.) by developing a “Supplier Direct” system. An added benefit was reduced costs (some products were reduced by as much as 50%)

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Jamie Johnston

I first met Sue at Family Realty when I was President. Sue was always keenly interested in doing more than 'just the job'. Through her initiatives, we were the first realty network on the Internet in 1993! Sue is creative and tackles every job with 110% effort. You could not ask for a better team player!

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Danielle Tjalsma

Sue Sutcliffe is one of the most dedicated and diligent people I have ever worked with. We worked as a team on a daily basis developing corporate marketing and advertising programs. Sue was focused on continually improving and upgrading her desktop publishing craft. A creative thinker, Sue was always up for a challenge Her positive outlook on life and in business was a definite asset to the company.