sandra centorino

Need help GOING LIVE on Facebook or Instagram?

On August 13th I chatted with Sandra Centorino of #RealWomenGoLive fame on #MarketingMondays@1pm. Sandra Centorino is the owner and CEO of Say it International, a benefit corporation whose mission is to teach and inspire women in business to use LIVE video. Sandra’s signature program (see below) teaches women everything about going live on Facebook and … Continue reading “Need help GOING LIVE on Facebook or Instagram?”

Social Networking 101


I could talk for days about business networking because it’s one of my favourite marketing tactics and one that so many don’t get or leverage properly. If you’d like to learn everything I know about business networking or have me teach your sales team, schedule a one-to-one session with me via my website or give … Continue reading “BUSINESS NETWORKING TIPS [VIDEO 26m:13s]”

Canadian Internet Law

THE PATRIOT ACT affects all Canadian Marketers. Beware! [VIDEO 27m14s]

The USA PATRIOT ACT facilitates, among other things, the ability of U.S. authorities to conduct searches and to seize or compel the disclosure of records, which could risk the security of that data and a possible breach of Canadian private sector privacy legislation. According to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, a company … Continue reading “THE PATRIOT ACT affects all Canadian Marketers. Beware! [VIDEO 27m14s]”