Mercury Retrograde Dates

Joan Ann Evelyn, Astroconsultation

Joan Ann Evelyn, AstroconsultationAlthough I became an entrepreneur to make ends meet, I stayed ‘in the life’ as long as I did because I’ve loved all the interesting tidbits I’ve learned while helping clients boost online sales and profits which is my super power.

I learned lots about astrology as I posting updates on  Joan Ann’s website — and although I pride myself in being open, I was a skeptic.  That is until I learned about Mercury Retrograde — an astrological occurrence known to increase delays, frustration, miscommunication and technological mishaps among other things like transportation.

Given the direct correlation to my industry — marketing and technology —  I decided to mark the dates in my calendar, and when possible, avoid planning events, making life-altering decisions and signing contracts during these times. After all, emergency rooms fill up every single time  there’s a full moon.

Time and time again I felt the mercury retrograde coming — before my calendar flips to the page it’s on. I also noticed my friend’s complaints on social media increasing exponentially each and every time, so I have no double n, and I’m now a believer that there has to be ‘something in the stars’ as so many claim, and perhaps one day, I will learn more about the stars, but for now I continue to mark these dates in my calendar.

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