#OnlinePower (Mondays @8am)

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You get:

  • 11 Group Coaching Classes

  • 11 Weeks Support

  • 11 Weeks Exclusive Networking

  • 1 Personal Digital Strategy Session

  • 1 Personal Digital Assessment including your website and LinkedIn and Facebook presences.


Next #OnlinePower Cohort runs weekly on Mondays @8am starting January 7, 2019

$1500 or 3 monthly payments of $500

Each coaching call is as different as the participants. Sue starts with pain points identified by clients, and then moves on best practices and top tips and traps.

  • DIGITAL STRATEGY — Interactive webinar that walks you through the development of a digital marketing plan to suit your unique business and its objectives.
  • DIGITAL BRAND CHECK — Learn what digital branding is and how to ensure your personal and business brands are clear and concise.
  • SUCCESS TRACKING — Digital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should watch, how to track the most important statistics.
  • WINNING WEBSITES — Learn how to optimize your website so it attracts and serves customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • BLOGGING — Get practical, straightforward information about blogging and how to write effectively and efficiently for the web.
  • CONTENT CREATION — Interactive webinar where participants brainstorm ideas for content, how to design lead magnets, and how to create social media plan
  • SOCIAL MEDIA AUTHORITY — 31+ methods to help you dominate the world of social media with your personal and business brands.
  • FACEBOOK — Learn how to grow your network, create, manage and optimize your personal and brand pages, facebook groups, events, and stay out of Facebook Jail
  • LINKEDIN — Sue will demonstrate how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and business pages, grow and engage your network, how to leverage groups and how to build authority.
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING — Learn digital networking best practices, do’s and don’ts and “netiquette”
  • DIGITAL MANAGEMENT — Sue will share popular tools and methodology to manage your brand and your marketing effectiveness online.


How does #OnlinePower Work?

Step 1: Register for Sue’s #OnlinePower coaching by scheduling your first one-on-one session. This course uses zoom online conferencing, so you can sign-in from anywhere you have internet access.

Step 2: Introduce yourself in the members-only Facebook Group. You are the only one in your business category.

Step 3: Attend each week of #OnlinePower classes (see purple graphic) or watch replay.

Step 4: Work with your #OnlinePower team to tweak your process. Sue will shadow you throughout this process to guide you.

Step 5: Schedule your second one-on-one session with Sue and finalize your plan to maximize your digital ROI.

  • What if I’m not happy?
    #OnlinePower is backed by a risk-free guarantee. If you decide that #ONLINEPOWER is not for you, simply cancel by email, and receive a refund for any training taken within the past 24 hours, as well as any unused prepaid training.
  • Are recordings made available?
    Yes. All #OnlinePower sessions are recorded and made available for one week following the class.
  • Can I pay in installments?
    Yes. Register and Sue will call to discuss a manageable payment plan.
  • Do you offer Not-For-Profit discounts?
    Yes. Please contact Sue to make arrangements that work for you.
  • What is Zoom?
    Zoom is a conferencing app that allows easy online chat and screen sharing.


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It was amazing how much valuable advice Sue provided in our first consultation. Her insights gave us much to reflect and act upon and her encouragement and offers of further support helped us feel that significant improvements were manageable.
Many many thanks!!

Neil Andersen   
Author Picture

I have been trying to get Logo for Decks Out Back​ to fit into the profile box, and was stuck. Well, this may be a small thing, but was frustrating me. Thank you Sue Sutcliffe​ at #awebthatworks for helping me with this. It may be no sweat off your back, but I was having one difficult time. Anyone looking to boost their Social Media platforms for business, you need to chat with Sue Sutcliffe. She is putting on a workshop for ONLINE POWER WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING COACHING...best money I have spent!

Nancy Hutchinson   
Author Picture

Sue is a true professional in the area of social media. In addition she is outstanding trainer and speaker. Recently, I had a brainstorming session with Sue. My objective was to access Sue's considerable knowledge in the area of marketing and promotion in order to successfully launch my new undertaking. Sue did not disappoint. She provided a multitude of excellent ideas. She also recommended several good resources. I feel very confident that with Sue's guidance I will be able to maximize the benefits that the WEB and social media have to offer.

Don Reist   
Author Picture

I met Sue through OSEB, a government-funded program for new start-up business owners. First as a speaker, then as a contact, and then again as a coach, Sue has proved extremely knowledgeable, and very helpful in her insights regarding social media, and the murky morass we all call marketing. She is friendly, practical, direct, and quite obviously, very resourceful. I would recommend her in similar capacities to anyone who would listen.

Jamie Frendo-Cumbo   
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Sue is one of those really rare individuals who truly does think outside the box and is able to communicate her creative ideas clearly even for those of us who do not understand social media well.

Sandy Brittain   
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Sue is a high performance, effective and organized leader who effectively delivers what she promises, when she promises it - and always with a smile.

Sandy Terry   
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I strongly recommend Sue Sutcliffe and her #OnlinePower classes. I didn't know so much could be done about online marketing and content sharing, and how many marketing mistakes I'm actually making. With better online marketing and networking, my law practice grew steadily from March to now, with April being my best month so far! Here's to more hard work and business growth with Sue.

Yi Dan (Sabrina) Ding   
Author Picture

I have taken many of your workshops, and you always manage to to surpass my expectations. The last course I had the privilege enrolling in was #OnlinePower providing me with strategies on a variety of social media sites. You were instrumental in helping me understand the best results on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, You Tube and the knowledge you have on the many other social media platforms, blows me away. As the behind the scenes of Decks Out Back, you provided me with the tools to help grow our business and get our personalities out there in the social media world. Your teaching ability makes it easy to understand. Please continue to be awesome in your field Sue, as you have so much to offer and worth every penny. Thank you so much Sue Sutcliffe.... you make a difference in our business.

Nancy and Garth Hutchinson   
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Huge shout out and thank you to Sue Sutcliffe for an interactive, and outstandingly informative marketing seminar!! Looking forward to the next seven weeks!

Lee-Anne Moore   
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If you've been wanting to get training/coaching around web and social, I highly recommend Sue Sutcliffe. She's been doing web for over 20 years ... and her knowledge is immense. Check out her #OnlinePower web and social media program!

Heather DelRosario   
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Want to learn how to increase your influence on Social Media? Do you have a business you'd like to expand through online techniques? Then I highly recommend Sue Sutcliffe's Online Power Coaching. She will walk you through all of the major platforms step-by-step and give you a greater understanding of online marketing and how to improve your business.

Andrea Folkins   
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If you need an extra eye on how your social is identifying you as a professional, Sue is your best investment. Sue's knowledge of every imaginable media is so impressive. Within seconds of seeing my LinkedIn page, Sue was offering solutions that would allow my page to appear higher in searches. Years of experience in the digital world fuels her passion to see her clients succeed and I for one am looking forward to such success! Thank you Sue.

Sandi Grant   
Author Picture

Sue offers a voice of reason that helps you focus on the things that are most important. She is informative, creative and has a strong grasp of what it takes to be successful in digital marketing. Allows you access to a wealth of knowledge that is derived from years of actual experience. Both friendly and supportive, Sue is a great person to have in your corner. I highly recommend her services.

Gail Rogers   

$1500 or 3 payments of $500