Tips to Optimize your eCommerce Operations

#StartupChats | How to Optimize Your eCommerce Operations

#StartupChats | How to Optimize Your eCommerce OperationsThe e-commerce industry is evolving at an overwhelming pace. Entrepreneurs must be focused, strategic and leverage strategies and solutions to simplify and streamline even the most complex of operations. No matter what type of product you sell, every e-commerce entrepreneur has one key goal: sell more of it.

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with other eCommerce professionals about Tips to Optimize your eCommerce Operations. The event garnered more then 24M impressions and together, we shared 566 tweets – that is a lot of knowledge, connections and help for fellow entrepreneurs! Did you miss today’s chat? Don’t worry, you can check out the recap here, or keep scrolling for my tweets:

  1. What do we mean by optimizing e-commerce operations?
    Optimizing eCommerce Operations refers to actions brands take to increase the #profitability of their #eCommerce. Success is measured by eCommerce Operations Rate — the percentage of visitors who purchase or save an item to their shopping cart.
  2. Why is it important to optimize e-commerce operations?
    Optimizing #eCommerce operations increases #ROI, customer intelligence, reach & most importantly improves customer experience which is priceless.
  3. Describe what’s included in an e-commerce workflow?
    An #eCommerce workflow is a graphical display of all the steps in your #eCommerce system. From onboarding vendors and internal processes to the customer journey including RMA processes, data management, processes & more.
  4. What’s one of the most overlooked or underutilized stages in an e-commerce workflow?
    Given the statistic that 68% of all people leave a business, because of ‘perceived indifference’, I would say the most overlooked or underutilized stages in an #eCommerce workflow is #postsale #customerloyalty.
  5. What operational strategies can help merchants become better omnichannel e-commerce retailers?
    Want to become a better #omnichannel #eCommerce retailer? Focus on where your audience is, convert all touchpoints into shoppable ones & ensure a smooth transition between online and offline.
  6. How much focus should retailers put on getting their order to customers quickly?
    Retailers need to focus on getting their order to customers quickly because once people have decided they want something, they don’t even want to have to shop and will no doubt reduce RMA. 2017 report on Maximum Acceptable Time for Free Shipping Deliveries shows “the maximum delivery time that shoppers will accept in order to receive free shipping is on average is 4.5 days. That’s down a full day from 5.5 in a similar 2012 survey.”
  7. How can you reduce the cost of returns for the company and the shopper?
    Retailers can reduce the cost of returns for the company and the shopper by executing optimized API-based RMA processes in place.
  8. How can a retailer influence the experience of receiving an order if it’s left the warehouse? What should they focus on?
    The use of an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) system to handle returns should be considered an absolute necessity for operating any online store.
  9. What’s a common e-commerce mistake entrepreneurs should avoid?
    Friction is the most important #eCommerce mistake to be avoided. From slow-loading impersonal & clunky websites to complicated navigation, understanding & optimizing for #customerservice excellence has never been more important than today.
  10. Where can entrepreneurs go to learn more about optimizing e-commerce operations?
    My answers and resources I’ve found on optimizing #eCommerce operations will be posted here…
  11. What is your final piece of advice for entrepreneurs looking to optimize their e-commerce channels?
    Focus on your #eCommerce Operations Rate, reducing abandoned shopping cart & listen/action what your shoppers are saying with their words & actions. Always be asking “How can we do eCommerce better, faster and cheaper”.

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