Pinterest Announces Secret Boards

Social Media Saturdays 

Big news from Pinterest this week:

Today, we’re excited to continue this tradition with a new feature we hope will make Pinterest even better—secret boards. Secret boards give you a place for things you’re not quite ready to share yet, like a surprise party, special gift ideas, or even planning for a new baby. We’re testing out the feature by giving everyone 3 secret boards. You’ll find them at the bottom of your profile. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Secret Boards on Pinterest

This is a wonderful gift arriving just in time for the holidays (what a wonderful place to plan your Christmas shopping!). Your three secret boards currently sit at the bottom of existing boards, so just scroll down to access. Alternately, use the “Add+” button at the top of Pinterest to create a new board – just flip the “Secret” switch.

Secret boards have great potential for businesses. Now brands can manage internal projects, bookmark competitors, or keep private company data without sharing it publicly.

Unfortunately, you can’t set any of your existing boards to “Private” since others may have already followed or repinned from them.

Planning to pin your secret boards via mobile? Be sure to update your app or you won’t have access to this great new feature.

How are you planning to use secret boards? Leave us a comment to share your Pinning secrets!

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