Pinterest – the social climber of social media platforms.

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I’m Sue Sutcliffe, the web coach, and today, I want to introduce you to Pinterest – the social climber of social media platforms.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin or “pin” board, allowing the online collection, curation and sharing of images.  You can:

  • Categorize pinboards and create themes.
  • Play with the colour scheme for your home décor plans.
  • Organize recipes.
  • Enshrine your hometown team.

You’re free to manage as many boards as you’d like.

Brands beware!

Pinterest is not about shameless self-promotion, so make sure your boards provide content rather than advertising. This is a platform that wants you to get creative and with Pinterest’s impressive statistics, why wouldn’t you?

New statistics, recently released Shareaholic, reveal that Pinterest now drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Reddit and Google+ and is pushing up the rankings to drive almost as much referral traffic as Twitter and Google! Unique visitors to Pinterest increased 429% between September and December 2011

Ready to get started?

Pinterest is exclusive these days, so you’ll need to score an invite from a friend or join the waiting list and request an invite directly from Pinterest.

In the meantime, check out some pinboards already posted including mine at , scope out some inspiration, then pin up your mark on this game-changing new platform!

Hope you liked this quick and easy social media tip. Please take a moment to share with your friends and/or add a commment. Would love to hear your feedback!

The diverse experience Sue Sutcliffe has gained as one of Canada’s digital marketing pioneers, will help your business or brand dominate the digital.
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