What’s the future of virtual events now that things are opening up?

World Event Center

Gather your group online like never before! A powerful, easy-to-use platform that supports authentic connections and increased engagement. World Event Center www.WorldEventCenter.comThings in Toronto, Ontario, Canada are opening up back, although some areas — especially the west — are still a hot mess. With that said, we’re all changed for ever and although there are tons of studies, there is no doubt we are in unchartered territory, but I will share my opinion.

I am seeing three schools of people:

  1. Some are abandoning their virtual events (and the community they’ve built who perfer virtual) to go in-person, only to find that although everyone who’s been missing face-to-face isn’t quite ready to go out — either due to fear or new post-covid weight
  2. Some are experiencing hybrid events and learning that it’s far more challenging and expensive model, just as it’s always been hard to mix families at weddings.
  3. Some are focussing on upping their virtual event experience and keeping ears to the ground (or following us) to learn of new developments in this rapid changing industry

World Event Center continues to take a kaizen approach to creating event experiences that maximize value for all stakeholders — from planning, to promotion, to user experience, to content creation/repurposing, because at the end of the day it’s not about doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, it’s about everyone getting what they want and need. We also continue to focus on industries where virtual events are preferred, and creating partnerships with event planners who want to own the in-person part, and leave the technical to us.