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Sue Sutcliffe -- Professional PhotoI can’t imagine my life without Remo, despite the fact that we were complete strangers prior to Fall 2019, when I attended my first virtual networking event.

I  still remember walking out of my office feeling like I’d actually socialized, like at an in-person event (except I didn’t get hugs) and LOVED that I could mix and mingle with who I wanted, and never be sent to my room!

Having worked in marketing since I was 19 years old, I understood the power of partnerships and loved that sponsorship was baked right in, and the value of having the ability to completely brand the virtual space, just as you would decorate a traditional space.

When the pandemic was announced, I knew what I had to do. 17 days later, I launched a World Event Center — powered by Remo, and started connect my communities, when they couldn’t gather safely in person.

World Event Center