#SueSutcliffe #TheWebCoach

#SueSutcliffe #TheWebCoach

As many of you know, Shawn King of Web World Strategies took over the hosting contracts in 2015 so we could help manage the journey Mom and Dad are on. We’ve had many ups and downs, and we are now settled into a system and I have a little extra time on my hands.

During this time, web and social media coaching and training have been ideal for me and I know I will continue to do this. I am going to take a short sabbatical for the next month to decide what other work to take on.

If you don’t see me out and about at community events, or amongst their leadership team, this is why.  Click ‘subscribe‘ if you want to hear what’s next!

3 thoughts on “Sabbatical”

  1. Sue…How fabulous! You are a great leader and I have so much to learn from you.
    You always seem to intuitively know when to leap and when to pause.
    Enjoy the “Big Think” time.

  2. Good for you Sue, to take the time away from the ‘noise’ to determine your next moves.

  3. Have a great sabbatical!!!! Let me know if you have time to meet up! Enjoy every minute !!

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