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Sales Mastery

Someone I know well posted recently on social media that they are looking for referrals to people that offer sales enablement, so I quickly said… “I can help you with that” and although I could’ve gone on to the next task at hand I thought about his words and what I can learn from them.

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Listening and learning are skills I’ve honed in my 30-years as an sales enablement service provider and I realized that not only was it was a lovely word that describes one of my top skills, it was also a phrase I’ve never leveraged in my marketing. A google search revealed that the phrase is now listed 59,300,000 times in google, and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I’d create this blog post to explain the term (and get it on my website) which is key because it doesn’t matter how good you are at something, or how much experience you have doing it, if you are not selling what people are shopping for, you’re not selling anything — especially in this digital age. We need to listen to our customers and use the terminology they use in our marketing materials, especially our websites, or we lose all chances of coming up in searches for that term.

Keeping up with terminology is overwhelming at times but so worth it. Being a digital tech pioneer since 1993, I feel your pain and will never forget the weeks of my life it took lobbying other internet providers to get Yellow Pages to add the categories “internet services” and “websites”, but it was so worth it.