SALES FUNNELS: What every Small Business Owner Needs To Know 🧲

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A sales funnel is a smarketing (marketing and sales) process with the goal of attracting and converting prospects into customers — ideally customers that buys over and over again.

7 Steps to Creating your First Sales Funnel

    Create a buyer persona that describes in detail the ideal target for this particular product or service
    Create something your persona will value enough to give you their email address to get it
  3. AD
    Create a catchy ad that attracts inbound traffic system.
    Create an effective sales/landing page.
    Create an effective squeeze/opt-in page.
    Create a thank you page that congratulates the person on their fine decision to opt-in to your offer, and what to expect.
    Select and setup automation software and a series of email messages starting with here’s the value opted in for and another irresistible offer.

What are sales funnel and why should entrepreneurs think about their businesses with their sales pipeline in mind?

A sales funnel is a process designed by business owners and entrepreneurs to attract, nurture (eliminate objectives/qualify) and guide their ideal customers to call them / make a buying decision.

What are the main components of a sales funnel for entrepreneurs?

The main components of a sales funnel for business owners and entrepreneurs vary depending on the business — top of funnel strategies (awareness), the middle of the funnel (evaluation) and the bottom of the funnel (purchase).

What tools, technologies are available to support entrepreneurs with managing their sales funnels?

Business owners & entrepreneurs have an ever growing list of sales funnel tools & technologies to choose from including; Click Funnels, Kartra, Hubspot, Wishpond, Lead Pages and Kajabi.

What are the key considerations for entrepreneurs in choosing the optimal sales management system?

The key considerations for business owners & entrepreneurs when choosing sales management systems is privacy legislation, the type of product or service they are selling, how it interacts with their crm and cms, and of course price.

How can entrepreneurs succeed in gaining the interest of brand/product/service-aware potential customers?

Business owners & entrepreneurs gain interest with top of funnel activities such as; blog and social media posts, email newsletter, whitepapers, tip sheets, ebooks, checklists, infographics, podcasts, templates, interviews, etc.

How can entrepreneurs differentiate themselves and their brand when they know their customers are looking at competition offering similar, if not the same, products and services?

Business owners & entrepreneurs can differentiate themselves by ensuring their top of funnel activities communicate their value proposition and their ideal customer with a great experience.

What makes interested consumers make the decision to buy from an entrepreneur? How can entrepreneurs convert more qualified leads into customers?

Business owners & entrepreneurs can convert more qualified leads into customers by:
1) focussing on helping (rather than selling)
2) Making value proposition & how to buy clear
3) Eliminating friction
4) Never breaking trust!

When a customer takes the action of becoming a customer, how can entrepreneurs encourage repeat customer action?

The number one way for business owners & entrepreneurs to encourage repeat business is to keep in touch with them. Did you know that 76% of people change suppliers because of perceived indifference?

What are the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with their sales funnel development and engagement?

I would say the biggest mistakes #businessowners & #entrepreneurs make with sales funnel development is not thinking like the customer, poorly designed/executed creative and failure to track/react to data gathered.

Where can entrepreneurs go to learn more about building the optimal sales funnel process for their business?

There are a plethora of resources available online to help business owners & entrepreneurs build the optimal sales funnel process from Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson’s Click Funnels to Hubspot, etc.

What companies have you worked with that have exemplary sales funnels? Tag them here and tell us what sets them apart?

Although late to the game, I really love the fine work Dan Sullivan and his team are doing at Strategic Coach from digital to traditional. Also love Hubspot and Neil Patel’s work.

Any other advice for entrepreneurs on building a successful sales funnel?

Before entrepreneurs and business owners start marketing their product or service on the Internet, they should create, execute and manage a sales funnel that converts, as you often only get one chance to get people in your funnel.

Sales Funnel Illustration

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