SALES FUNNELS: What every Small Business Owner Needs To Know 🧲

Sales Funnel Illustration
Sales Funnel Illustration
Most small businesses don’t have the time or budget to hire a marketing firm. This leaves many business owners feeling lost and overwhelmed when it comes to lead generation. How do I create an offer people will want? What should my offer be about? Do I even need a sales funnel if my business is already established? These are all questions we hear regularly from our clients. The truth is there’s no “one size fits all” solution for every business out there, so let us help you figure out what works best for your company!

In this webinar Sue Sutcliffe will share what it takes to get started with creating a lead generation funnel. She’ll also share her best tips for making sure that every aspect of the process is perfect, including choosing the right headline copywriting, designing graphics and writing content that converts. Sue will show you how to create a lead magnet or opt-in offer that will help you build your list, increase sales and ultimately your bottom line. You will learn:

🧲 The anatomy of an effective sales funnel

🧲 How to make your sales funnel generate leads while you sleep

🧲 Tips and tricks to improve the quality and quantity of the leads you’re receiving

🧲 How to measure success

By attending and taking action, participants will create a web that works 24/7 to generate quality leads, improve conversion and loyalty and best of all, grow your sales.

Sue Sutcliffe is a Canadian Digital Marketing Trainer and Internet pioneer whose passion for innovative and strategic marketing shine through every seminar, workshop and webinar experience, leaving audiences feeling energized and empowered.