SDGs for Entrepreneurs

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Today I joined Startup Canada (@Startup_Canada) and Community Foundations of Canada (@CommFdnsCanada) for a live #StartupChats #StartupImpact Edition on Twitter hosted by Lyndon Johnson (@THINK_Lyndon), Founder of Toronto based COMMS.BAR to discuss SDGs for Entrepreneurs. The event had 35 contributors, 22.4 million impressions and the Wakelet can be found here.  Here’s how I answered the questions:

  1. What are Sustainable Development Goals? Tag all of the entrepreneurs and businesses you know that contribute to advancing #SDGs!
    Sustainable Development Goals aka SDGs are goals to transform our world that the United Nations ushered in on 1 January 2016 to banish a whole host of social ills by 2030.
    @GreenBureau @bigrigwraps @bcorp @APBoardofTrade @patagonia are leading the charge but there are so many.
  2. Why should entrepreneurs consider aligning their businesses with at least one Sustainable Development Goal?
    #Entrepreneurs should consider aligning their businesses with at least one #SDG because it’s the right thing to do — #EthicalBusiness — and EXPECTED — by 40% of millennials according to recent Deloitte study.
  3. How can aligning with #SDGs help entrepreneurs to attract and retaining top talent and foster a thriving culture in their business?
    #Entrepreneurs should align their #businesses with #SDGs because it attracts top talent who want to work for #ethicalbusinesses they can be proud of and no doubt impacts culture of a business.
  4. How can building a business that contributes to advancing Sustainable Development Goals help entrepreneurs to scale-up?
    #Businesses that contribute to advancing #SDGs help #entrepreneurs scale-up as documented by @BCorporation for many reasons, but mostly because people who are becoming increasingly aware are shopping for it.
  5. What are some of the easiest and accessible ways in which startups and entrepreneurs can begin advancing #SDGs with their businesses?
    I just wrote a blog post about how #entrepreneurs should begin advancing SDGs with their #smallbusiness…
  6. What are some of the best practices you have seen of businesses advancing #SDGs in Canada and the world?
    When I think about businesses driving #SDGs @Patagonia comes to mind because they’ve really lead the charge. Did you know that 1% of Patagonia sales fund grass roots movements that preserve and restore natural environments?
  7. How can entrepreneurs determine which Sustainable Development Goal is most aligned with their business? Share what #SDGs your business support!
    I believe we all need to #leadwithlove which means doing the very best we can do move the needle with ALL of them, educate ourselves and those who will listen on best practices.
  8. What types of funding, support and opportunities are available to entrepreneurs advancing Sustainable Development Goals? Tag all of the support and organisations that make an impact.
    My go-to education on funding, support and opportunities available to #entrepreneurs advancing #SDGs would be @GreenBureau and @BCorpCanada
  9. As a business supporting #SDGs, you may consider yourself to be a social enterprise! As a social enterprise, what supports, resources and funding is available to scale social impact? Let’s build a cheat sheet. Tag away!
    Here are some supports, resources and funding available to scale your social impact:

    • @BCorporation
    • @BCorpCanada
    • @CommFdnsCanada
    • @CFTNetwork
    • @FTFederation
    • @IEF_FIE
    • @LaunchYU_York
    • @MaRSDD
    • @metowe
    • @RICCentre
    • @RyersonDMZ
    • @Startup_Canada
  10. What action should every entrepreneur take right now to advance #SDGs today?
    Every #entrepreneur should read the CPA’s Ten Key Elements to Sustainability Business Practices in SMEs ( which gives down to earth, sequential “to do” items and policies for making your ideas reality.
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
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