Social Media Circles

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Social Media is a powerful marketing technique that is empowering! It?s more than Facebook and Twitter, it?s a presence that can be seen, heard, and read by the most important people in your business circle, your clients. No longer will you need to feel intimidated or unsure of using Social Media, of how it works, or how it can be of benefit to your business.

Sit back and relax as you learn in a virtual classroom of non-competing business people. aWEBthatWORKS offers a weekly one-hour web/teleconference, covering the eight vital components of social media success. Each training session will focus on a single media module, therefore allowing you to absorb and implement all that you have learned on a single element. Be confident with skills and knowledge you have learned in: ? Social Media 101 ? Profile Management Tips & Tricks ? Blogging for Dollars ? Build your database instantly with LinkedIn ? Facebook for Business ? Twitter for Business ? Flickr ? because a picture is worth a thousand words ? YouTube ? Videos say more!

Fast-track your social media presence in just one hour a week with an optional one-hour Q&A (Question and Answer period) following a Social Media Circles lesson.

Let?s get started! Sign up today and make your presence known. Be sure, be confident, be a Social Media Success. Visit for more information about start up dates and times because you don?t be late for class!

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