LinkedIn Search Improvements Announced

LinkedIn announced on their blog that they’ve improved their search. Here are the highlights: Search filters are now at the top of the search results page Most frequently used filters – like location, connection degree, and current companies – are displayed by default New “all filters” page lets you filter results by industry, past companies, … Continue reading “LinkedIn Search Improvements Announced”

how to stay out of facebook jail


As a digital marketing specialist, I am often asked the question… “How do I stay out of Facebook Jail?” The obvious answer is that you need to stay up to date on: Facebook Policies and  Facebook Community Standards because if you use this communication vehicle as it was intended to be used, you won’t end … Continue reading “21 TIPS TO STAY OUT OF FACEBOOK JAIL (2018)”


New Tools for Facebook Group Admins and Members

Facebook announced this week that they added four new features to Facebook Groups: Admin tools: Admins can now find member requests, Group Insights and more together in one place, making it easier to manage groups and freeing up more time for admins to connect with members. Group announcements: Group admins want to be able to … Continue reading “New Tools for Facebook Group Admins and Members”