Need help with Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics helps us leverage data and make better decisions about our product and customer experiences. With true people-based analytics, we can use the facebook analytics to measure and understand how people interact across your mobile app, website, Facebook Page, and more, and ultimately, optimize for growth. Click here to learn the latest about facebook … Continue reading “Need help with Facebook Analytics?”


40+ Facebook Ideas for Posts, Giveaways & Businesses

Kudos to Gleam.io who put together a killer blog post called “The Ultimate List of Facebook Marketing Ideas: 40+ Ideas for Posts, Giveaways & Businesses” which provides 40+ Facebook marketing ideas that cover all the best you can showcase your brand on Facebook, with a particular emphasis on techniques that are becoming more and more … Continue reading “40+ Facebook Ideas for Posts, Giveaways & Businesses”


27 Facebook Groups About Networking in Durham Region

Did you know that there are 27 FACEBOOK GROUPS that contain the words… “Durham Region Networking”? and that you can refine the search to review only conversations and upcoming events or perhaps #DurhamRegion or individual municipalities names: #Pickering #Ajax #Whitby #Oshawa #Clarington #Scugog #Brock #Uxbridge Facebook networkers beware! Before you jump in a conversation be sure to read the rules – … Continue reading “27 Facebook Groups About Networking in Durham Region”


Facebook Introducing More Ways for Businesses to Drive Offline Outcomes

Facebook Facebook Business announced in their blog yesterday that… Businesses can now build custom audiences from their offline conversion event sets comprised of people who have previously purchased offline. These new types of audiences enable businesses to dynamically re-engage shoppers based on their interactions through offline channels such as stores or call centers. For example, … Continue reading “Facebook Introducing More Ways for Businesses to Drive Offline Outcomes”


Facebook Policies & Standards

If you’re using Facebook for business, it’s best to take a bit of time to understand Facebook’s Rules and Regulations and Policies e.g. Payment Terms Platform Page: How third-party applications / Facebook Connect accesses and uses your data Facebook Platform Policies: Re applications, including Connect sites. Advertising Policies Self-Serve Ad Interface Terms: Promotions Guidelines: Contests, sweepstakes … Continue reading “Facebook Policies & Standards”


What is the best way to answer a Facebook request for recommendation?

If you know only one person that provides that product or service, tagging that person in the comments is ideal. If it’s not a facebook savvy individual, I will also follow up by private messaging them the URL of the page the request was made so they can find it. If you know multiple individuals … Continue reading “What is the best way to answer a Facebook request for recommendation?”


Facebook Introduces Live Audio

Yesterday, Facebook introduced live audio, saying… We also know that publishers sometimes go live from areas that lack strong network connectivity. Though we alert the broadcaster if their signal is low, Live Audio presents another option for connecting with audiences in real time from low-connectivity areas. Source: Introducing Live Audio


Facebook now lets Pages schedule Live Video!

Live video is great and all, but it’s not very useful if most of your audience doesn’t know when you’re planning on streaming. Facebook is addressing that problem by introducing official scheduling feature for Verified pages; users can be notified about videos up to a week in advance. Source: Facebook will now let Pages schedule Live … Continue reading “Facebook now lets Pages schedule Live Video!”


What’s New on Facebook Business for July 2016

To help marketers keep up with Facebook Business, we create a monthly post chock-full of everything new. Take a look at the monthly round-ups for June, May and April. Keep reading to see new products, updates, resources and courses that launched in July. Source: What’s New on Facebook Business for July 2016 | Facebook for … Continue reading “What’s New on Facebook Business for July 2016”


Take This Lollipop

Kudos to Jason Zada for writing and directing “Take This Lollipop” — a 2011 interactive horror short film and Facebook app, which uses the Facebook Connect application to bring viewers themselves into the film. What are you sharing on Facebook? Visit Take This Lollipop and find out! We dare you MA HA HA HA

What does phishing mean?

New Facebook scam targets page owners

A new scam targeting Facebook page owners uses Facebook messages and a fake verification page to obtain user logins and passwords. The phishing scam begins with a Facebook message from a “Security Team” profile that uses Facebook’s security logo. The message tells admins that their page is in violation of terms of service and threatens … Continue reading “New Facebook scam targets page owners”

Time's Up – It's a Timeline Takeover!

For all you Timeline holdouts, sorry, but your number’s up. The last few outposts are being converted, and Facebook expects to update every account to Timeline by early fall.  So as September nears, here’s a quick review to get your ready for the back-to-school season: Welcome to Timeline Timeline Cover Photos Timeline Business Pages And … Continue reading “Time's Up – It's a Timeline Takeover!”


Preschedule Facebook Posts #FacebookTips #FacebookTricks

Don’t have time to be constantly updating your Facebook page all day? Not a fan of third-party scheduling tools that give away your pre-posting habits? Good news: Facebook has it’s own simple-to-use scheduling feature. Just click on the little clock at the bottom of the Facebook post interface and set your date. You can set … Continue reading “Preschedule Facebook Posts #FacebookTips #FacebookTricks”