[VIDEO] Keeping your Facebook Private — the 2-click fix!

With Facebook Timeline on its way for everyone, there’s been lots of anxiety over some of its privacy loopholes. A chain message has been making its way across Facebook walls. Essentially, it asks everyone on your contact list to hover over your name and unsubscribe from their “Comments and Likes.” According to the message, this … Continue reading “[VIDEO] Keeping your Facebook Private — the 2-click fix!”

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It’s time for your website to plug in and button up

They’re everywhere–buttons asking you to “Share” this and “Like” that.  The Internet is atwitter with ways to endorse your favourite businesses, posts, products and services.  Half of the world’s top 10,000 websites link to Facebook or Twitter on their homepage.  Does yours? hy let people push your buttons? Because they’re delivering a call to action. … Continue reading “It’s time for your website to plug in and button up”


Welcome to my facebook page

Ever visit Red Bull on Facebook? A multi-coloured torrent of arrows points to their “Like Me” button. Did this welcome page work? Yup – a good 15 million times. It pays to create a good first impression with Facebook’s 500 million users. A clear and engaging welcome (or landing) page gives visitors an immediate sense … Continue reading “Welcome to my facebook page”


Boosting business with Facebook

Do you market your organization with a Facebook page? Then answer me this. What have you done to customize your page’s look and content? To differentiate and promote your product or service, you need to create a distinct Facebook page to engage your visitors. Here are a few tips to maximize your presence. Read the … Continue reading “Boosting business with Facebook”


To friend or not to friend. That is the question.

DurhamBusinessTimes-201012 Building business relationships today involves more than a handshake and a business card. It often continues, or even begins, with social media. Instead of a one-off encounter, like-minded folks connect — and stay connected — using  Facebook and other social media platforms. Read the entire article via: Durham Business Times

What does phishing mean?

Watch out for the black hats on Facebook!

If you see a message that says… (Your Friends Name) has faced some errors when checking your profile.  View the errors message or a message that says… Error Check System or something else that you did not expect, and might not want to trust, it’s best to ignore them because reports share that they do nasty … Continue reading “Watch out for the black hats on Facebook!”