Business Roundtable: "Social Media – Mystery or Massive Marketing Opportunity?" – Nov. 23

This month’s Business Roundtable theme is:

Social Media – Mystery or Massive Marketing Opportunity?

Join facilitator Sue Sutcliffe, Social Media Expert & Web Coach, along with Cindy Mount & other entrepreneurs for business discussion on the power of social media.

Where: Williams Fresh Cafe, 1650 Victoria St. E., Whitby

When: November 23rd, 9-10:30am

This meeting is completely free (although registration is required) and aimed at new businesspeople interested in growing their business. In a roundtable format, we’ll form our agenda for the 1 1/2 hours and put challenges and successes on the table.

Bring business cards, enthusiasm and a desire to learn.

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What is Business Roundtable?

Business Roundtable is intended to be a mixture of referral, networking and business related themes around successes and challenges in growing/sustaining a healthy business. All meetings will be in an “open space format” with a selected theme and perhaps a pre-reading (very short) assignment. At times there might be a fee associated with the meet-up, depending on the venue and facilitator. The goal is to keep the sessions free, or inexpensive as possible. Our mission is to help those in business who are responsible for generating their own income (entrepreneurs/intra-preneurs), increase their business profit and productivity.