Sue provides ‘Done For You’ Social Media Marketing Services for time-challenged business owners that understand the value of delegation.

  • Find and connect with like-minded friends and grow your network
  • Create, manage and optimize your personal profile(s)
  • Create, manage and optimize your brand page(s)
  • Create, manage, optimize and join group(s)
  • Create, manage and optimize event page(s)
  • Setup your settings and privacy
  • Build authority
  • Communicate better
  • Avoid embarrassing mistakes/li>
  • Advertise
  • Best practices
  • Use hashtags
  • Discover conversations related to your business
  • Attract and educate potential customers
  • Build a content strategy
  • Grow and engage your fans
  • Track your results with Facebook analytics


Sue would be happy to answer any questions you may have, discuss your unique situation, the various options available to you and the associated costs.



Sue specializes in website, social media, training & strategy and would be happy to provide you with a complimentary quote to suit your requirements.


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Heather DelRosario

If you are looking for a professional who knows website and social media marketing strategy, then look no further. Sue's accomplishments speak for themselves. She has been a pioneer in this space and will help you get the results you need.

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Louise Thibert

Over the years I have dealt with Sue on many fronts. Always passionate, always wanting to give the best service possible. Sue brings years of experience to the table and is able to use that experience and knowledge to bolster your company's presence. Sue built the company's first website many years ago, maintained it, promoted it, sold us! She is probably one of the most dedicated people I know that works hard to deliver on her promises. I personally have taken the Bootcamp with Sue, and it is very intense and fast paced. Over the course of two days you learn what it takes to run an efficient social media campaign that keeps you top of everyone's mind. Would I recommend Sue? Without hesitation!

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Steven Frank

Sue - you have come a long way since setting up the desktop publishing and marketing side of W. Frank Real Estate with me so many years ago to become a true internet pioneer. In a world where it feels like the trolls have been winning, you shared the secrets of using social media to re-evaluate and endorse the concepts of authenticity and human decency.

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Jamie Johnston

I first met Sue at Family Realty when I was President. Sue was always keenly interested in doing more than 'just the job'. Through her initiatives, we were the first realty network on the Internet in 1993! Sue is creative and tackles every job with 110% effort. You could not ask for a better team player!

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Danielle Tjalsma

Sue Sutcliffe is one of the most dedicated and diligent people I have ever worked with. We worked as a team on a daily basis developing corporate marketing and advertising programs. Sue was focused on continually improving and upgrading her desktop publishing craft. A creative thinker, Sue was always up for a challenge Her positive outlook on life and in business was a definite asset to the company.

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Andrew Johnston

Sue Sutcliffe is a true professional. In working with Sue it was apparent that both she and her staff have one thing they worked towards, that is finding the best product and service to meet theirs client’s needs for the best value.

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April Tsui

I had the pleasure of working with Sue to launch Durham Region's first social media pilot project. Creative, enthusiastic and dedicated, Sue is a true expert in her field. We would not have been able to take the leap into Web 2.0 without Sue's expertise.

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Scott Weatherall

Sue's business acumen is matched only by her charm and wit. She is an exceptional web designer/strategist with a dynamic knowledge base and a ability to deliver to her clients. Her knowledge of the internet and her personal experiences are invaluable to any organization aiming to do more with their webs. I had the pleasure of working with Sue on the Durham Home & Small Business Association -- Sue's attention to detail combined with her web -abilities assisted the organization a great deal to launch its first real web site and promote the organization to its 100 plus members at the time. Sue provided a communication link and a networking capability that was not available before her arrival into the DHSBA.

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Bill Hogg

Sue and her team made some key changes to my website that were strategically sound, cost effective and delivered on-time and on-budget. I have already had positive feedback on the changes. Woo-Hoo!

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Heather O'Connor

Sue and her team designed my website, taking it from an unformed idea in my head to far more than I ever hoped. She and her team shepherded this very-new-to-web client through the design process painlessly and professionally. I know much more about the web now, and would still choose her ten times out of ten.

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Roy St. John

Sue is a "Must Have" individual on your team of support. When every other company is trying to be more creative than the other Sue will bust through the "sameness" problem and give you the edge that awes clients and the competition and lifts your salesforce to new heights. Our web presence gives us top ranking because Sue continually developes SEO strategies that work. She's also fun to have around with a quick wit and a keen eye for who needs what!

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Tom Bonanno

Sue was always able to produce high quality work at a reasonable rate, on time and on budget.

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Dana Jackson

Sue Sutcliffe is an icon in Durham Region's creative online community . It doesn’t matter what business you are in, when it comes to social media, Sue can benefit you. Always a joy to work with and alongside. As a professional, experienced social media marketer, Sue is always sharing advice, tips, answers, and entertainment via every media imaginable – blogs, video, Twitter, and Facebook. Everyone in the local media community appreciates her insight and knowledge of effective social networking.

Keep up the great work, Sue!