What is the SSLv3 POODLE Vulnerability?


You may have heard of the SSLv3 POODLE Vulnerability, especially if you’re using one of the large secure payment providers. Our system administrators have secured all servers to prevent this vulnerability from being exploited. There isn’t a fix to the problem, as this is a flaw in the protocol, but by turning off SSLv3 support on our web servers, this weakness cannot be exploited.

This is a two-sided problem, and if you’re concerned about data being intercepted, you should test your computer as well. Much of the online software currently in use can fall back to this technology, so you may be vulnerable. You can test your connection by going here: https://www.poodletest.com/.  Keeping on top of software updates over the next few weeks is likely to remove the majority of issues as most tools will be releasing safe updates.  You should also note that taking advantage of this vulnerability is particularly difficult, so the risk is not high for most people.  If you do find your computer is vulnerable, best to contact your IT person to see if they can solve the issue for you.

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