To friend or not to friend. That is the question.

DurhamBusinessTimes-201012 Building business relationships today involves more than a handshake and a business card. It often continues, or even begins, with social media. Instead of a one-off encounter, like-minded folks connect — and stay connected — using  Facebook and other social media platforms. Read the entire article via: Durham Business Times


Is Social Media The Superhero Of The Internet?

“Social media allows your organization to communicate with a large number of people very effectively.” Faster than a speeding e-mail. More powerful than a single website. Able to reach tens of millions in a single post.  Look! Up in the sky! It’s a blog. It’s a tweet. It’s social media! Read the entire article via: Durham … Continue reading “Is Social Media The Superhero Of The Internet?”


BRANDED EMAIL ADDRESSES: Control, advertising & peace of mind

If you phone a company you’ve dealt with (or considered dealing with) and the phone number is “out of service”, you might hunt for their new number. But time is money. You might contact the person you met at yesterday’s breakfast meeting instead. Whether the business moved or changed phone numbers, your call represents a … Continue reading “BRANDED EMAIL ADDRESSES: Control, advertising & peace of mind”

Canadian Internet Law

PIPEDA: An Executive Summary

PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) requires that organizations covered by the Act adhere to its ten basic principles: (source: http://www.privcom.gc.ca/information/guide_e.asp) Accountability – an organization must clearly identify a person within that organization who is their in-house PIPEDA compliance officer. This individual will re responsible for ensuring that the organization in is continual … Continue reading “PIPEDA: An Executive Summary”