SWEARING: I Choose Conversion Over Authencity


I don’t like hearing cuss words online or off and especially when they come out of my mouth because I know it costs me money!

I always warn my sales and marketing people against swearing, and talking about other topics people feel strongly about like sex, politics, and religion unless of course, you’re Gary Vaynerchuk who built his brand with profanity! It’s inevitable that it will hurt rapport building, when lead generation is typically the focus. Can you afford to lose prospects?

Unfollowing someone has never been easier, and before YOU judge, ask yourself if you’d go back to a restaurant if they continued to serve you pie you didn’t like?  Would you continue to eat it if you had the choice of going somewhere else? Be careful what you feed your ears!

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve?

Napoleon Hill

Should all small business owners choose conversion over authenticity?  If you feel strongly about using the F-Bomb and want it to be part of your brand go ahead, but before you do, you might want to survey your ideal targets to find out how they feel, calculate what it’s costing you to be authentic. How it makes your customers feel?  Don’t you think?

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