Outstanding Business of the Year 1997


Awards are a great way to build authority, so I created this post to capture those awards I hear of like this one… CanadianSME National Business Awards Where else can we win awards? Please add your name to the comments below: With suggestions of other awards Canadian business owners could enter To find out when … Continue reading “AWARD MARKETING”

Licence plate

Licence Plates are a great way to generate traffic! #101freeways

A long time ago I registered a short domain and bought a custom plate for our car on a wim. Not sure if it was my driving or people just being curious, but there was no disputing it, I was getting a ton of website traffic to the domain name I registered, and it was … Continue reading “Licence Plates are a great way to generate traffic! #101freeways”


To you it is promotional material… #marketingfail

This morning when I got in my car, I had to get out again, because there was piece of paper on my windshield… Putting your marketing material — garbage to everyone but you — on someone’s dash is wrong on so many levels: When people discover paper on their car’s window (parked in their driveway), … Continue reading “To you it is promotional material… #marketingfail”

Are you finding 1/2 of your customers online?

Elance, the world’s leading platform for online work recently published the Freelance Talent Report, which states that… 71% of independent professionals polled are finding 1/2 of their clients and work online. but they don’t get into how freelancers, or for that matter other businesses find the new customers and work which is something I’m often … Continue reading “Are you finding 1/2 of your customers online?”