Domain Names

Choosing a domain name for your website

Choosing a domain name can be a daunting prospect, as there are so many possibilities. Take your time, think it through, and use the following tips to make the best choice for your new site. Choose your domain first If you are starting a new company or launching a new product, we’d suggest checking which … Continue reading “Choosing a domain name for your website”

Time to change your password again!

Popular social media sites affected by #Heartbleed Have you changed your passwords yet?

If you’ve been reading this blog or following the news, you’ll know that there’s an encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug which could have quietly exposed YOUR sensitive account information (such as passwords and credit card numbers) over the past two years. Heartbleed has been dubbed the biggest security threat the Internet has ever seen, and … Continue reading “Popular social media sites affected by #Heartbleed Have you changed your passwords yet?”

Case Study: Art of Transition

The Art of Transition initiative aimed to invite innovative thinkers from every facet of the economy to connect, brainstorm new ideas, foster partnerships, and welcome new opportunities for transitioning Durham Region into a new, creative economy.The creative power and ever-expanding capabilities of social media exactly captured the Art of Transition’s vision for an interactive, multi-media … Continue reading “Case Study: Art of Transition”

Social Media Circles

Sue, Contents below as well as in doc. – Louise BE A SOCIAL SUCCESS! Social Media is a powerful marketing technique that is empowering! It?s more than Facebook and Twitter, it?s a presence that can be seen, heard, and read by the most important people in your business circle, your clients. No longer will you … Continue reading “Social Media Circles”


Welcome to my facebook page

Ever visit Red Bull on Facebook? A multi-coloured torrent of arrows points to their “Like Me” button. Did this welcome page work? Yup – a good 15 million times. It pays to create a good first impression with Facebook’s 500 million users. A clear and engaging welcome (or landing) page gives visitors an immediate sense … Continue reading “Welcome to my facebook page”


Is Social Media The Superhero Of The Internet?

“Social media allows your organization to communicate with a large number of people very effectively.” Faster than a speeding e-mail. More powerful than a single website. Able to reach tens of millions in a single post.  Look! Up in the sky! It’s a blog. It’s a tweet. It’s social media! Read the entire article via: Durham … Continue reading “Is Social Media The Superhero Of The Internet?”

Techie Tuesday – Twitter & YouTube (September 28th, 2010) – Webinar

Today, Sue Sutcliffe is presenting her LinkedIn webinar, followed by an introduction to diving in to Twitter. Every week, Sue hosts two knockout fabulous Webinars on Tuesdays from noon to 1pm, followed by another from 5pm to 6pm, each one including a half hour question and answer session. Next week, Sue will be offering another chance … Continue reading “Techie Tuesday – Twitter & YouTube (September 28th, 2010) – Webinar”