How to Give, Receive & Manage LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn’s “Recommendations” feature allows you to provide live endorsements and performance reviews for your deserving colleagues and partners which will help them build social media authority. Impressed with a service? Why not leave a glowing review? HOW TO RECOMMEND SOMEONE ON LINKEDIN Go to the profile of the 1st-degree connection you’d like to recommend. Move your cursor … Continue reading “How to Give, Receive & Manage LinkedIn Recommendations”

'DO GOODER' SPECIAL – Help #RaiseTheBarn2014 and Get Free Social Media Training!

Please vote for Garth & Nancy Hutchinson at 1 Stop Alpaca Farm in ‪#‎Enniskillen‬ ‪#‎Ontario‬ to win $10,000 roof & bring their ‪#‎alpacas‬ backa. It’s easier to do now, and you can vote every 24 hours in September. Simply. Visit & like this page… (first time only) Visit & vote on this page… They have 121 … Continue reading “'DO GOODER' SPECIAL – Help #RaiseTheBarn2014 and Get Free Social Media Training!”

Pinterest introduces analytics to businesses!

Pinterest has just rolled out a new analytics tool for businesses. Business owners now have a tool to show them what grabs their consumer’s attention, what interests the consumers show most interest in, how much traffic they receive, demographic, and what other interests their following has. Along with these great features, you’ll get advice on … Continue reading “Pinterest introduces analytics to businesses!”

Pinterest's newest feature helps you engage with your followers!

Pinterest has started rolling out a new feature to users to help them talk to their followers. A private messaging system has been added to the website to make it easier to talk others without crowding up the individual pins. Social Media Examiner shows us how the messaging system works, and why it is a … Continue reading “Pinterest's newest feature helps you engage with your followers!”


Twitter introduces users to analytics!

Have you ever wondered if your tweets are being read, or skipped over? Do you ever wonder what tweets of yours are the most popular? Twitter now has the answers for you. They have started introducing analytics to their users. The analytics keeps track how many people saw the tweet, how many people engaged with … Continue reading “Twitter introduces users to analytics!”

Last chance to register for #WordPressAdvanced #GraphicDesign on a Dime, #Hootsuite & #E-Commerce day time #Webinars in July

This month we have four webinars coming up in July that are in danger of not running as they are under-subscribed; WORDPRESS ADVANCED, GRAPHIC DESIGN ON A DIME, HOOTSUITE & E-COMMERCE: Problems, solutions and how to get started. If you’re interested, please let us know right away. WORDPRESS ADVANCED $50 Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 (12:00 … Continue reading “Last chance to register for #WordPressAdvanced #GraphicDesign on a Dime, #Hootsuite & #E-Commerce day time #Webinars in July”