Don't read this if you do not want to grow your business!

Jack Neff’s recent post entitled Study: ROI May Be Measurable in Facebook, MySpace After All shares more proof that social media improves ROI, in particular a case study of a package-goods brand that earned $1.28 million in sales from $1 million social-media campaign — 28% ROI! He states that… Recent research from ComScore, MySpace and … Continue reading “Don't read this if you do not want to grow your business!”

SOCIAL MEDIA has two words but lots of meanings! because there are ______ social media networks in the world today. Social media is content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies that is intended to facilitate communications, influence and interaction with peers and with public audiences, typically via the Internet and mobile communications networks. The term most often refers to … Continue reading “SOCIAL MEDIA has two words but lots of meanings!”



Developing winning keyword strategies is critical to the success of your internet marketing campaigns — both search and social media marketing. Here is a guide to help you develop effective keyword strategies for your organization: Make a game plan Keywords are words and phrases people enter in search engines to find information on the Internet. … Continue reading “A GUIDE TO DEVELOPING WINNING KEYWORD STRATEGIES”