'DO GOODER' SPECIAL – Help #RaiseTheBarn2014 and Get Free Social Media Training!

Please vote for Garth & Nancy Hutchinson at 1 Stop Alpaca Farm in ‪#‎Enniskillen‬ ‪#‎Ontario‬ to win $10,000 roof & bring their ‪#‎alpacas‬ backa. It’s easier to do now, and you can vote every 24 hours in September. Simply. Visit & like this page… www.Facebook.com/havelockmetal (first time only) Visit & vote on this page… https://WinYourRoofContest.ca/vote/72 They have 121 … Continue reading “'DO GOODER' SPECIAL – Help #RaiseTheBarn2014 and Get Free Social Media Training!”

YouTube for Business (January 31, 2013) webinar

YouTube is the leader in online media sharing. Every minute, its enormous userbase uploads 24 hours worth of video, and every day, the giant exceeds 2 billion views a day. Offering free capability to upload high-quality video that you can embed in your website, YouTube is a potential advertising powerhouse for your content. Let Sue … Continue reading “YouTube for Business (January 31, 2013) webinar”


Twitter for Business (January 23, 2013) webinar

Twitter remains a rising star with over 150 million users and 300,000 more signing up daily. An average of 55 million Tweets are sent every day. How can you get your piece of the pie? Join Anne as she introduces you to Twitter for business and learn top tips and tricks for connecting with this … Continue reading “Twitter for Business (January 23, 2013) webinar”


Engaging Infographics

Infographics have skyrocketed to web fame, becoming one of the premier vehicles for conveying information in an engaging way. Click to check out AWTW’s Pinterest-ing collection of social media infographics.  Why people love infographics: easy to read = low time investment, high content yield aesthetically appealing satisfy cravings for numbers and statistics Ready to make … Continue reading “Engaging Infographics”

*SPECIAL* Buy a Domain, Get a Webinar Free

Ready to make a splash on the web? Launching your first online brand or starting a second? Even if you don’t plan to maintain a website or social media presence, claiming a domain name is a savvy investment. Even better? Part of having a domain name (www.yourbrand.com) means having professional email addresses (yourname@yourbrand.com). A personalized … Continue reading “*SPECIAL* Buy a Domain, Get a Webinar Free”