Social Media in Search

In the company’s November whitepaper, which looks at the landscape of natural search, 360i purports that a majority of social media search listings that appear for brand-related queries are created by individuals not affiliated with the brand. In fact, “77% of YouTube(), Twitter() and Facebook() listings that appeared for brand searches were controlled by a … Continue reading “Social Media in Search”

Embedding YouTube Videos

We recently discovered that the code YouTube provides to allow us to embed videos into our websites does not validate. Why should you care?  If code is not valid (is not properly written), although it may very function okay on your computer, it can cause lots of problems for other software such as: printers – ever experienced your printer spitting … Continue reading “Embedding YouTube Videos”

Facebook and Twitter Attacks Were Political, and Personal

Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, YouTube, and Blogger came under a sustained, simultaneous DDoS attack yesterday, with Twitter going offline completely for a while, and Facebook running slowly and reporting strange error messages to users before its security staff managed to wrestle control back Read more about this attack at Technomix | Fast Company.

Where do you do social networking?

Thanks to the team at Essential Communications for hosting yet another wonderful Success Night, and to Jason Dasti, Guerilla Marketers for a fun introduction to Social Media which inspired Peter Miller to poll the audience on how they socialized!  The poll showed… 83% of people polled use Facebook 50% of people polled use LinkedIn Do YOU … Continue reading “Where do you do social networking?”

Don't read this if you do not want to grow your business!

Jack Neff’s recent post entitled Study: ROI May Be Measurable in Facebook, MySpace After All shares more proof that social media improves ROI, in particular a case study of a package-goods brand that earned $1.28 million in sales from $1 million social-media campaign — 28% ROI! He states that… Recent research from ComScore, MySpace and … Continue reading “Don't read this if you do not want to grow your business!”