The Internet Advantage: Better, faster and cheaper

Increase Your Sales
Communicate Better, Faster & Cheaper
Network with all the Right People
Download software, utilities & graphics
Read the News before it hits the stands!
Information at your Fingertips
Update Information Instantly!

Increase Your Sales

Since your web storefront never closes, clients and prospective clients are free to order when it’s convenient to them… no busy signals… no telephone tag… and most importantly… no dissatisfied customers.

Web Sites present your products and/or services at a fraction of the cost of traditional print methods. When printing your marketing materials, you buy in bulk. You have to be sure that the printed information is correct and stays the same for as long as your printed materials are still in stock. Mistakes or changes are costly. With a web page, updating, editing and changing are immediate and cost effective, there is no waste… there is no time delay… there is no self-recrimination. As an added bonus, if you decide that you do want some printed materials, your web page will let you know whether your material is effective before you spend the money on printed marketing materials. If potential clients do not contact you from your web materials, why would they contact you from your printed materials?

Since you can show graphic images of your products and/or services, catalogues are no problem. Even if printed full colour brochures are beyond your budget, on the web… it’s no extra cost!

Better, Faster & Cheaper

E-mail (electronic mail) allows you to send messages and files to other people: Quickly – anywhere in the world in minutes, Easily – with a click of the mouse, and Inexpensively – no long distance charges / postage. And since your clients can collect and read your mail at their convenience (from anywhere in the world), your communication will be better received.

with all the Right People

Subscribe to Usergroups (there are currently over 10,000 to choose from). They are classified by subject, which allows you to communicate with experts in your field, and others that share a common interest.

Download software,
utilities and graphics

If you see something of interest on the Web, you can download the material to your computer using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). It may sound difficult, but in reality it is “point and Click”, the program will prompt you!

Read the News
before it hits the stands!

Most newpapers, periodicals, and magazines are now publishing online. Stay informed. Read the issues that directly affect your business … and find opportunities for more business.

Information at your Fingertips

Search Engines and indices make it easy to find what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for your competitor’s pages or background information on one of your prospects, market research has never been easier.

Update Information Instantly!

Your Webmasters (Desktop Imagery) can instantly update, change, edit, add or delete any information on your Web Page.

The proof is in the pudding, check this site out regularly and you will find modifications and additions regularly. Not a problem.