TikTok reveals which content will be prioritized in 2023


TikTokTikTok’s video-based app was downloaded 1 billion times in 2018, and now consistently enjoys over 1 billion monthly users — mostly younger.

Successful TikTok creators consistently create and post short-form videos (15 seconds up to 10 minutes) they know their ideal audience will engage with — content THEY find entertaining, helpful and relevant.

How do you know what your ideal audience will engage with?

As with any social media platform, before dipping your toes, it makes sense to see what’s working for others, what’s not, and research trends. TikTok’s blog is a great place to start, and their What’s Next 2023 post shares content that will be prioritized in 2023:

  1. Actionable Entertainment
  2. Making Space For Joy
  3. Community-Built Ideals

and links to their “2023 Trend Report” which is a must read for anyone wanting to dominate this behemoth social media platform.

TikTok for Business page is another amazing resource to help you get started and here are some content ideas to get you started:

  1. Show, Don’t Sell
  2. Tutorials
  3. Personal stories
  4. Debunk myths
  5. Get involved with memes
  6. Ways to pamper yourself at every budget
  7. Teach your audience something
  8. Encourage personal growth
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