Google+ iconLaunched by Google on June 28, 2011, Google+ is a social networking platform that hosts over 90 million users, with 625,000 new users every day!

Why is Google+ racking up fans so quickly? Because Google+ is:

  • A Search Engine’s Dream: brand pages and +1 rankings showing up directly in search results
  • A Virtual Office: its Huddles, Hangouts and Docs features allow live web-conferencing, chat and document sharing
  • A Shrewd Sharer: Google+’s Circles function means content can be shared with specific groups, keeping personal and business strictly separate, and facilitating targeted marketing

AWEBthatWORKS offers a variety of Google+ workshops and seminars that will help you:

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  • learn to leverage Circles and Streams
  • interact with Games, Chat, and Hangout
  • upload and sort photos
  • create a brand page
  • optimize your personal profile
  • discover how & why to +1 something
  • search effectively
  • manage account, notification & privacy settings professionally

Our seasoned and animated web coaches happily share their expertise one-on-one or with a group – live or online – leaving confident, web-savvy Google+ users.


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