• 10 Cardinal Sins of Website Design — A well-designed website can attract and serve customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A poorly-designed website will send people to your competitors who are only one click away. Although there is a trend to do-it-yourself website publishing, it’s important to find out what you don’t know.
  • 31 Ways To Build Authority with Social Media — Baskin Robbins has 31 flavours of ice cream and Sue Sutcliffe has 31+ methods to help you dominate the world of social media. She will share with you her thoughts on how to master your online interactions for professional development.
  • 4 Steps To Social Media Success — Let Sue Sutcliffe teach you the four steps to social media success, our proprietary system that will allow you to grow your business in 1/2 hour a day or less. You will learn; what social media is, who are using social media today, 4 essential steps to building/managing your social media success and social media do’s and don’ts
  • 5 Essential Ingredients of A Successful Web Campaign — Perfect for website virgins who are embarking on their first website project and need to understand the five essential ingredients of a successful web campaign.
  • Blogging for Dollars — Blogs can easily link to your website and all your social media spaces for potentially higher visibility, Google rankings and sales. Learn the do’s and don’ts for your blog strategy, examples of business blogs and why they’re successful, and the 7 essential steps to strategic blogging
  • Content Creation Made Simple — Is social media costing you money? Is your competition stealing your headlines? Are you engaging your customers and prospects regularly? Participants will be lead through the planning and preparation of their one-year social media plan.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Made Simple! — This interactive social media strategy session is recommended for anyone who is or is planning to embark on a social media campaign because as they say “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. We will walk you through development of a basic social media plan including; Identification of key objectives and gaps, development of a content marketing plan that will engage your target market(s), strategies to track your success and make more money from existing customers, finding new and bringing back lapsed customers and we will also share our proprietary social media system that will allow you to grow your business in 1/2 hour a day or less.
  • E-Commerce Made Easy — Competition doesn’t just come from other stores. Sue Sutcliffe will expose the impact technology and e-commerce have on local businesses, and highlight solutions to keep businesses competitive. Learn how to “make money while you sleep”.
  • Graphic Design on a Dime — Full of practical advice recommended for non-graphic designers responsible for publishing on websites, blogs and social media spaces. Learn; Quick and easy ways to create appealing graphics, Where to find free images and photography, Copyright basics every publisher needs to know, How to optimize images so they download quick & Recommended tools & techniques
  • Social Media Power Tips & Tricks — Participants will learn top tips to get more ROI from their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube marketing efforts.
  • Social Networking: Online & Off — Networking is more than a race to see who hands out the most business cards. How you cultivate your network directly impacts your success in business. Learn where to network, how and why, how to prepare, networking Do’s and Don’ts, how to follow up, tips and tricks and “netiquette” for online networking.
  • WordPress Power Tips & Tricks — Participants will learn top tips to get more from WordPress.





Sue Sutcliffe is an innovative Internet pioneer that has been helping people market their products and services on the web since 1993 — long before most people even knew what the web was. When search engines and Google rankings first hit the market, Sue mastered search engine optimization.


Sue is a leader in her industry, the business world, and her community. Witty, passionate and clever, this dynamic entrepreneur loves sharing the website and social media marketing love through regular webinars, and live events.


Sue Sutcliffe also has a booming coaching practice and has developed an online digital coaching program called #OnlinePower, that shows clients how to grow and fortify their business with digital marketing.


Noted speaker, web coach, and social media strategist, Sue surfs the waves and explores the frontiers of cyberspace. Sue believes it’s not what you’ve got but what you do with it that matters.

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Angela Baltkois

Sue Sutcliffe is an amazing trainer of all things web and social media related! I can't wait to implement all the amazing things I learned about LinkedIn! Kieran enjoyed Sue's LinkedIn training tonight! He doesn't even know what LinkedIn is lol! Clearly Sue is a fun and entertaining speaker for all ages!