In December 2009, Twitter experienced an explosion of popularity and over 1000% growth in only a year! And the star is still rising, with over over 100 million users and another 300 thousand signing up daily, who collectively tweet an average of 55 million messages every day. How can you get your piece of the pie? Join Sue Sutcliffe as she introduces you to Twitter and shares her top tips and tricks for connecting with this sensational community.

Sue Sutcliffe is a Canadian Digital Marketing Trainer and Internet pioneer whose passion for innovative and strategic marketing shine through every seminar, workshop and webinar experience, leaving audiences feeling energized and empowered.



42 thoughts on “Twitter”

  1. You are a hack Sue and we both know it, you have stepped on a lot of toes and people talk in this town.

    Stop trying to peddle your webinars, you don't know how to use social media properly yourself and they make you look like the money grubbing pig that you are.

  2. Good morning Leslie. I have to admit that I'm disappointed to see another social media entrepreneur behave in such an unethical and petty fashion. I am sorry you feel this way and hope to interact with you in a more professional manner in the future.

  3. Sounds like a little professional jealousy, Leslie. And a boatload of unprofessionalism. I would never patronize someone who uses this type of smear campaign tactics on their competitors. Shame on you.

    Is this how you use social media? Rather antisocial, if you ask me!

    Sue's webinars have taught me a lot about social media and the Internet in general. All you've taught me is what a nasty piece of work you are.

  4. Wow! Is this grade 9??? Leslie, how can you belittle someone like that? Jealousy at its utmost… you and I and many others know that Sue Sutcliffe is very knowledgeable at what she speaks of to others….. shame on you – maybe you should attend one of her webinars and learn how to behave like a respectable, businesswoman like Sue.

  5. I have been working with Sue over 14 years and have always found her to be professional and ethical. She has given my company a lot of support and I have recommended her to to other colleagues who have been equally pleased with her knowledge and support. Sorry to hear her being bad mouthed since she is finally become a successful business woman.

  6. I don't know you Leslie but I have worked with Sue Sutcliffe for a number of years and have attended her webinars, I have found them to be very informative and extremely useful in my business. She knows her specialty very well and when I see unjust comments like yours against a very hardworking ethical person like Sue it really discusts me. I have to say that I would never do business with someone who would resort to this kind of smear and I'm sure not many other people would either.

  7. Hi Sue, sorry to read such nonsense and that the 'competition' has to stoop this low. If social media is their bag, and they use the tools to bad mouth people, i can't imagine anyone would want to work with them. Obviously they don't have clients to have time to do this and it's not what SM if to be used for.
    But just ignore it as those of us who have been with you for ages, in my case about 15 years, have great respect for what you've done for me and all my associates to whom I've referred you.
    Just take the high road and ignore. They are jealous of your success. This sounds like grade 7 tactics.

  8. As I often said before, Sue is “Absolutely awesome speaking on social media, networking & web design, certainly 'knows her stuff'. It really is her passion !
    A very nice person to know. Friendly & outgoing, authentic, professional, a good heart (kind, helps others, supportive, compassionate) fair-minded, business-oriented and well-connected.” It is my hope that anyone who is so upset that they feel a need to publish disrespectful comments, will soon find their way out of their situation into a more cheerful, positive, benevolent space.

  9. Hi Sue:
    You and I have experienced working with many great clients and suppliers over the past 19 years. I believe that we have now shared approximately 30 referred clients who, like me, have come to rely on your skills, knowledge and fantastic team members for support. All of us have moved our businesses forward with effective Internet strategies all lead by you and we are not going anywhere without you!
    Roy St. John, Broker & VP
    REMAX Condos Plus Corp

  10. I'm appalled at the language & bad manners used by this Leslie person. We met Sue at a Durham sponsored seminar & based on that and speaking to other customers we have been working with her all summer on redesign & branding of our business. The people at her firm have been nothing but helpful, professional & understanding.

  11. Who is that Leslie " lady"? Not a lady for sure. Sue I have always appreciated your webinars especially with your patience in dealing with individuals like me who are so unused to the technology. This person Leslie is a disappointment. In an expanding market I would have thought that the virutes of Lesley's own marketing program would be sufficent so that she did not have to be negative about a competitor like you. Strong competetion makes us all stronger so this shows she is weak. I am sure Lesiley will be gone in two weeks time since she is devoid of character or business ethics. I can just imagine how she would treat clients!

  12. Sue is an authentic professional and has proved this to me many times over the past 10 years. Thanks for your recent help with the social media plan for Durham Community Foundation.
    When I was Director of Marketing Works at Coca-Cola we never compared our brands to our competitors in public and only did it internally as a way to measure results. You are the professional here Sue, and I'm looking forward to introducing many more of my clients to you.

  13. Boy Leslie, what kind of business person are you? one with no class it seems.
    Sue is a class act.
    She has worked with us in our many busineses for over 10 years.
    I agree with the others when they say "shame on you Leslie."


    No, wait, don't answer. I'm certain your dear mother would have taught you that if you've nothing good to say, simply say nothing.

    Shame on you.

  15. Leslie I don't know how you figure this is an acceptable business practice to outright slander someone in this manner – all it achieves is making you look terrible and I know as a business person myself, I would NEVER want to do business with someone who holds such low standards of practice. I have worked with Sue on many occasions in a number of different capacities and I have to say she has always maintained a very strong ethical base, has always been extremely knowledgeable of the topics of which she speaks, and has always been more than willing to assist in any manner she can. Sue knows her stuff and holds herself to a very high standard and because of this – she is successful and will continue to be so and experience such amazing growth – and she deserves all of it for all she does for others.

  16. While Sue had only done a bit of work for my company, she was very professional and extremely helpful…A class act!

  17. This sort of behaviour shows the world a person who can’t compete from a business perspective. Resorting to kindergarten name calling tactics underscores this very clearly. It is always sad to see a schoolyard bully stoop to name calling when they fail to compete intellectually.

    Sue is the consummate business woman. She runs a business with top notch employees who take pride in their work. Her company is on the cutting edge of Social Media and Website training and services.

    Sue is the epitome of the professionalism. She has class and operates her business in an above board and ethical manner. These traits are obviously lacking in some.

  18. Leslie speaks to her authenticity and integrity by posting this. She unfortunately has done herself a great diservice both personally and professionaly by conducting herself in such an unprofessional manner. – Speaks volumes.

    I have relied on Sue's guidance and support over the last eight years and I've recvd. nothing but understanding ,caring and growth for me as a person and my business. It is a pleasure to deal with such an optimistic, knowledgeable and professional individual. Thanks to you Sue and your team. Speaks volumes.

  19. Leslie…I think you are about to find out just how much this community talks.

  20. In doing a little research I discovered that rule #6 on Leslie's Social Media Marketing Musts states "You MUST build relationships built on quality, not quantity". I'm guessing there will be a lot of "hits" and much discussion regarding the lack of professionalism on Leslie's part. Yes, the quantity is there but the quality is sorely missing. It's a shame Leslie that you don't practice what you preach.

  21. Our e-commerce company has worked with Sue Suctcliffe and her colleagues from AWebThatWorks for about 10 years. In that time we have yet to find any faults in their service. Besides the usual courtesy calls and emails ensuring that our hosting is being properly served, Sue and her team has always been especially helpful in troubleshooting our technical web development solutions. Their knowledge base as well as their exemplary interpersonal skills are the reasons why they will continue to win accolades in their industry.

  22. Leslie, your entry is rude, unprofessional and inappropriate, as well as grammatically offensive! You have much to learn about acceptable professional business practice.

  23. Sue, you and your team have always prided yourselves with your commitment to your clients, business ethics, integrity, and your customer service. You never stop thinking of ways to help your clients reach their potential through the various media; in print, on-line, or social media!

    We have always achieved our goals with your teams hard work!

    You must thank Leslie for spurring on such wonderful testimonies for A Web That Works!

  24. Please, I have my website with Sue, she has always helped with my questions and support. She has always been professional, ensuring I get the information I need.

  25. Leslie's remarks appear to be an appallingly anti-social use of social media. I have found Sue and her staff to be professional and competent in their dealings – in stark contrast to this person's approach.

  26. Sue and team have been very helpful to our Not for Profit Agency in developing and launching our website. We couldn't be happier!!

  27. I have learned alot from Sue about social networking. She and her team have always been professional and helpful in developing and maintaining the website for our Not for Profit agency as well. It's nice to see so many others agree.

  28. I have worked w/Sue for more than 10 years and am sure will for the remainder of my working life.

    I don't know why Leslie would commit such comments to writing – perhaps some professional jealousy?

    I attended Sue's webinar last week and, as with everything else from awtw, it was terrific.

    It's quite obvious from the other comments in reaction to Leslie's that she (Leslie) should have given a little thought before hitting "send".

  29. I am appalled and somewhat speachless. In business one does not go about name calling. In fact, name calling is always rude and unwarrented. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but at least take the time to express yourself in a more professonal manner.
    In the many years that I have had dealings with Sue, I have never known her to be less than professional and thorough in her work. I wish her continued success, and have no hesitation to continue to refer clients to Sue.

  30. Wow! Leslie from Punch Media is certainly showing her bitter side. I would say that she has successfully demonstrated how NOT to use social media. I can only think that the comments she has made about Sue can only hurt Punch Media's business and would certainly not enhance it.

    I have been working with Sue and her team while they set up a variety of social media for me. They have all been amazing to work with and extremely knowledgable. I just fininshed a webinar with Sue that was extremely informative. Sue had no problems answering our questions and I would definitely classify her as an expert in her field.

    On Leslie's web site she has posted an article about "social media musts" – she states, "Behave online the way you would in person". Perhaps Leslie should practice what she preaches.

  31. Having worked with Sue and her company for many years, she has always been a knowledgeable, professional and very helpful woman.

    Her social talents away from the computer speak volumes, and Sue has a gift for making people feel better about themselves after having met with her.

    Before I comment on the response from Leslie Hughes, I'll refer to my book by Dale Carnegie and say … nothing, except I recommend his book.

  32. I have worked with Sue for years. I have experienced first hand the damage that "trolls" can cause to people and their reputations. Leslie appears to be one of those trolls – best advice – remove, block and ignore. Leslie will find out quickly that attacking one's competitors does not equal success in business or in life. I would be seeing a lawyer, Sue. The law still applies to social media.

  33. I've known Sue from the Scugog Women's Network for many years and I've never known her to be anything less than professional.

    Leslie, I suggest you refer to your website for points to remember when dealing with the public. Practise when you preach!

  34. I know Sue both personally and professionally and find her resources very valuable. She is a very successful and intelligent individual who passes great knowledge and expertise to others. There are also a lot of people who get lost in all of this technological jargon and Sue brings it to a level that even a newbie can understand. Sue, your dedicated friends, customers and growing business speaks for itself. Keep up your hard, honest work. Tamara

  35. I really hate to see sniping like this in our local business world. We are all so much more professional than that. Working with Sue Sutcliffe was positive, informative, she and her team understand how to deal with clients who are not so techie savvy and get them to a finished product that is professional and easy to maintain. I've only attended one webinar but hope to take advantage of more in future and will continue a personal and business relationship with Sue – she gets it about web networking, giving back to the community she works and lives in and broadening her circle of business friends and clients. I'd say that's a win win scenerio and one I would want to be part of. Regards from, Kathy

  36. Who is Leslie and what does "money grubbing" mean anyway…? Did she mean to say "money grabbing" but was too drunk with unprofessional jealousy to use the right vowel? Clearly very web-savvy…? Yeah, right.
    Sue, it was a pleasure to use your services, and seemingly so say the majority!
    Three cheers! K

  37. The intent behind social media is not about creating a forum for bullying or smearing the reputation of the competition. Leslie, your comments were not constructive nor helpful and extremely unprofessional. Sadly, the unintended consequence of your action, may lead your reputation to go 'viral'! Recommend you take this conversation off line and resolve this problem immediately.

    And oh by the way, Sue and her team have always been professional, helpful and very responsive to my needs.

  38. I totally agree with the statements above. How can anyone trust Leslie now after slandering such an important contact in our community. I have enjoyed listening to Sue and working with the WTW team. I think perhaps Leslie has smeared herself instead of Sue.

  39. Laugh it off Sue. I have worked with you on a personal (my website) and a professional (sub-contractor) level since 1994 and you (and staff) have been nothing but professional. So much so that I have all my websites (personal, business, and clients) hosted through your company. Keep up the good work!

  40. Dear Sue and others,

    I have attempted to reach Sue by email, phone and Facebook this evening as this thread was brought to my attention later today.

    The person who posted early this morning, was NOT me, Leslie Hughes.

    I have the utmost respect for Sue and her team at aWEBthatWORKS. Sue was my facilitator at the Ontario Self Employment Benefit program and I was fortunate to have learned from her. I know that Sue is a well-respected and knowledgeable person who has earned a great deal of respect and admiration in this community.

    I am very upset that someone could be so malicious and post such negative comments. And quite frankly, am quite baffled as to why someone would do this.

    I will do my utmost to investigate who the perpetrator is, and hope to speak to Sue in person as soon as possible so we can discuss next steps. I also hope to have an update and resolution very soon.
    Kindly yours,

  41. 3 Cheers for the Real Leslie!!! Looks like this was an unfortunate webhap.

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