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YouTube marketing has become unbelievably popular, and profitable, in the last couple of years. It originated as a site that would allow anyone to upload videos on any subject matter, usually just for fun and to keep in touch with family and friends. Today it has become an online marketers dream come true. Having the ability to upload a short informational video can dramatically increase a webmasters credibility and traffic, all for free.

If you’re new to YouTube you’ll be relieved to know that you can easily open a new account and start uploading videos in just a few minutes. The only thing that it will cost you is some of your time and a little creativity, not a bad ‘price’ for the amount of benefit you’ll get in return. You just want to make sure that your video is not only interesting and compelling but that it highlights your business or service and make people absolutely desperate to get their hands on it for themselves.

Since YouTube is known the world over you can have a virtually unlimited audience for your message, and if you make it interesting and clever enough you may even get lucky and have your video go viral. When something really grabs people’s interest they will be much more likely to recommend it to their friends, than those friends will recommend it and so on. Before you know it you may have a new sensation on your hands and be getting traffic to your site like never before.

If you get enough hits on your video it can help you get your site listed high in search engine results. The very popularity will make the search engines think, rightfully so, that you have something of real value and they’ll reward you for that value by ranking your video, and eventually your website, high.

Get the most out of all your online traffic generation methods by using a viral marketing campaign with YouTube. The rewards will far outweigh the little bit of time and effort you put in.

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