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Sue Sutcliffe: Virtual Event Solutions Expert

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As a convenience to her training clients, Sue started leveraging virtual conferencing technology in 1997, but it wasn’t until she launched her first full-day hybrid conference in 2019 that she realized the digital disconnect. Although Zoom and other popular virtual conferencing solutions were successfully broadcasting to large groups online, they all failed miserably with engagement and interaction when more than twelve people gathered. Sue immediately started scouring the internet for more interactive and engaging virtual event platforms.


In 2019, found a new solution that offered broadcasting, and came with ‘conversation mode’ so engaging, attendees stay until the end, and come back for more. Seventeen days after the pandemic was announced in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she was based, Sue launched World Event Center to start gathering people like never before.
Since then, World Event Center has partnered with event planners around the globe, to produce virtual events using a variety of platforms from Zoom to Remo, as well as a variety of other solutions from event promotion and ticket and sponsorship sales, to delivering food and beverages and more.

Sue and her team continue to research this rapidly growing segment and now have 337 virtual event solutions catalogued.

Find out which virtual solutions are right for your next event.


Our customers tell our story best!

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Hariett Madigan

The World Event Center is an exceptional venue for businesses and organizations offering on-line events and conferences. What impressed me the most was the online professional and compassionate guidance, every step of the way, for those like myself, not so familiar with technology,

Author Picture
Iris Nicolaison

World Event Center is the best Virtual Networking Platform!

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Suresh Kumar

We hosted number of virtual events during the pandemic time using the World Event Center and everyone loved how the platform made us felt like were all in a real meeting place. The setup of the environment felt so real. Members being able to move around to different tables and floors to connect with their colleagues. I will strongly recommend their virtual event services to organizations.

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Anne Genge, Myla Training Co.

I’ve attended many events on World Event Center and they’ve all been fun and interactive. Sue is an amazing host, it’s easy to use, and the breakout sessions are much more personal. I also love what it offers for sponsors/vendors, as your brand is displayed tastefully within the app.

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Megan Dupre, Brown University

Thank you so much for all you did before and during our event - I can’t thank you enough for your positivity and creativity - it was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you in the future!

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Angela Baltkois

Excellent platform! Perfect for trade shows, special events & conferences. The best part is that it allows people to connect globally - literally anyone, anywhere can join the event! We used World Event Centre for our Christmas party when Covid restrictions did not allow us to have a face to face event. In 2021 we decided to continue to use World Event Centre for all of our future parties and events, so we can include all our clients and colleagues in Canada and the United States.

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Christine Lieu

Sue brings such enthusiasm, charisma, and professionalism to bringing these events to life. I've never seen a platform quite like it and it works so seamlessly to have a variety of ways to truly connect with folks. Highly recommend!

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Gabriela Casineanu

Love the World Event Center platform and the meaningful conversations that took place because of it.

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Darla Price, Managing Director of Northumberland Manufacturers Association

A HUGE thank you to you and the team for the design, planning and execution of our event. It went off without a hitch. Guests were blown away by the platform, its ability to engage them and your team as support. Thanks again for making us look like rockstars.

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Michelle Philp

It's been great working with you and your team. Thanks again for being a leader in your industry and supporting the team with this event.

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Carrie Craig

Nice easy platform layout with levels of information for disabled members of society

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Claudine Pereira

What can I say about Sue and her team? I have been with Sue using World Event Centre this year and WOW! I am so impressed and so are my clients. The centre has been personalized to my business and brand for each of my events. I love it! Sue has done an incredible job of providing top notch customer service before during and after events. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you for all you do!

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Marlene Marco

Sue made our transition to online events simple and World Event Center is the perfect solution! We're now attracting participants that couldn't always attend our live events. The platform is easy to use and we love the networking floor! The Heart Of Networking Community has always looked forward to our monthly events and now we look forward to building business relationships online!