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Are you ready for WordPress 5.0 update tomorrow?

Matt Mullenweg posted yesterday that New 5.0 Target Date is tomorrow! Here are three steps I have taken: Back up website Setup a staging site to play around with Gutenberg editor until the website is just so. Install the Classic Editor plugin and 5.0 will be indistinguishable from 4.9.8 for your posting and editing experience, … Continue reading “Are you ready for WordPress 5.0 update tomorrow?”

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What Version of WordPress Software Should I Be Using?

WordPress is software that is installed on your web server and requires updating like any other software. Sometimes the web hosting company does it for you, sometimes they don’t. Good WordPress managers know they need to follow WordPress’s blog to get the latest on WordPress releases and ensure it’s done. WORDPRESS TIPS Back up the … Continue reading “What Version of WordPress Software Should I Be Using?”

What is CSS?

What is CSS?

CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. A CSS stores style information (like fonts, colors and layout) separate from your HTML structure and makes your pages faster and easier to update. Although you can modify a theme’s CSS directly, when the theme is updated, your modifications will be lost. As such you’re best to … Continue reading “What is CSS?”