What is email spoofing?

What does phishing mean?

E-mail Marketing / E-NewsletterHave you ever received an email which says it is from you – but which you know you didn’t send?  They probably look like spam, and will usually include an email address to reply to inside the message.

We’ve been seeing emails like this, and they’re notoriously tricky to stop. Spammers ‘spoof’ your email address, so although the emails are really coming from gmail or another free account, they appear to be coming from your own address.

A few tips:

  • This DOES NOT mean someone has access to your email account.  Updating your password regularly is a good idea, but don’t worry, no one is actually sending email from your account.
  • Typically, these messages ARE NOT sent to a large group, so chances are you are the only one seeing them – these messages aren’t being sent out to your address book
  • The messages normally last for a week or to and then STOP ON THEIR OWN, and there isn’t much your email provider can do to stop them.
  • These messages are a type of phishing attack, so you’re best to just delete the emails, DON’T try replying to any of the email addresses in the message.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s the wikipedia entry on email spoofing.